Photo Album
Title 24 Sullivan Co. Fair 2003
For Scheid Diesel Extravaganza 2003 (more)
2003 Merom Chautauqua Parade
Bob Stultz driving George's "70" pulling George and Peggy in wagon for they're 50th Anniversary
                            Ashley Snyder driving my "A"
                                     Blaine on his "WD"
                              Brant Ford driving my "M"
                                  Charly on John's "G"
                    James on his "Cub" with Megan Wiles
                            Jordan Hess on George's "A"
                 Kim on they're "DC" (First Place Winner)
                           Michelle and Brenda on "730"
                                Mike on the Fordson "F"
                       Mitch Davis and his Mom on "50"
                    Ronnie and Ryan Thompson on "GP"
                             Uncle David on John's "H"
                                  Warren on his "15-30"
             Parked on the show grounds after parade
 Parked at Mike's house Before the merom Chautauqua Parade