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Orphanage Ministry in Japan
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About the Orphans in Japan

The Sanders Home had started for the mixed children that were born and persecuted after World War II, but currently, there are no longer mixed children at the orphanage.  Instead, there are many children who have been physically and mentally abused by their parents, and were brought to the Sanders Home by local authorities.  No longer are all orphanages only a place for children without parents.  There are still a few orphans who do not have parents, but most of them are children that have parents but cannot live with them.  There are many cases that the parents do not want to keep or cannot keep these children.  Most of the children in the orphanage were abused by their parent/parents.  You will see that these orphans are not poor, at least not in the material sense.  They have TV, TV games, and many toys that were donated by many Goodwill organization and people.  But you will also see that the materials are not the things that they want from you.  They are hungry for your love and His love.  These children are starving for attention.  You will see how much these kids need to know God.  The orphans in Japan may be rich in material wealth, but in the things that really matter in life, they remain poor.