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The Best of Both Worlds

The thrill of a personal watercraft. The capacity of a boat. Now you can have the best of both worlds.

Waterskiing, fishing, family outings, swimming, snorkeling, sun bathing and more ! The Shuttle Craft is there to ensure you get the Best of your time. Enjoy the freedom of doing what you want to do, going where you want to go, on your Jet-ski and Shuttle Craft.


Operations :

Easy Hook-up and release. Simply steer your jet-ski into the ShuttleCraft. A rail system locks them together to create a single unit.

A ShuttleCraft's unique interchangeable rail kit system allows all make of two and three seater PWCs to both power and steer the ShuttleCraft.

Each ShuttleCraft comes with standard features guaranteed to make the most of your time on the water. Running lights, marine stereo, cupholders, storage compartment, a choice of exclusive graphics and upholstery - and a premium quality 4-bunk trailer for easy launch of your ShuttleCraft and jet-ski. All for about half the cost of buying a jet boat. 


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Last Updated on 30/04/00