19th October, 2oo3 -
Ever had one of those days where you wish the world would just become a large black hole, and swallow you up? Yeah. I had that yesterday. And dear Lord, all through it I felt like grabbing a sledgehammer and smashing my head open.

First, May came over. Which is...cool, because you know, I 'like her'. Which was OK until yesterday, now it's just disgusting to think of her like that. You see, Zak came over, and they were bitching the hell out of each other. I had no idea why until May tells me that hey KNOW EACH other and they had SEX. I mean, EW!!!!!!. And if that wasn't bad enough, after they started making flirty looks again (Which was WRONG, after what they did. I mean, they just abused the shit out of each other, and then they looked like they were about to take their pants off and staring to it), I stormed out then I went back up to my room and THEY WERE 'DOING IT' ON MY BED. EWW! And now, when I think of May, I think of her with ZAK. It's icky

And as much as I'd like to bore you death more, I am late for work. Part time at Pizzaroo, fun. O_O

PS: I threw out my bed, attempted to clean/scrub/disinfect my room, gave up and now sleep on a mattress in the den. With the TV. =3

20th October, 2oo3 -
Wow, ok, I need to cut down on my rantings. That last entry was like 'Bla bla bla BLA BLA BLA!!?!'. With a few names in between. Hahaha. No, wait, that wasn't actucally funny, was it? o.o

Today was .. really dull. o_O. At work, there's a new waitress, Georgina, who's completey un-co.Every time she tripped over, my shoes seemed to be the target. So now, they look like the bottom of the rubbish tip. Then again, I, your lonely waiter boy who works at this crappy job because it gives him money gets paid tomorrow. So I can buy stuffs. Like new shoes. Woo. Oh, and Georgie [I call her that because she makes me. She said her full name makes her sound "boy-ish". o.O] wants to hang sometime. I said yeah. I figure, I dunno, I'll just mooch around the shopping mall with her, grinning to try and make it look like I am enjoying myself.

I want to do something. I am bored. Perhaps I should apologize to Zak and May then we can go somewhere slash doing something. Like, gasp, a ROAD TRIP. Except, no-one of us have a car, I think. o.o I don't think your dear Xannie should be allowed on the road.Yeah. Oh well, we could hitch-hike. x}.

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