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Welcome to The Overpower Brawl 4 All. This is my version of the "last man standing" found monthly in Wizard Magazine. I hope that I am sucsessful with this becuase I think that it is a great idea and wonder why I was the first too do it (or so I think). This month will be the debute of The Brawl 4 All so I have chosen two characters that I think would fight an intresting battle. This match will be posted for a week or two. Note : You can click on pictures of combatants to see stats etc.

And yes! I do requests! So Email Me with who you wanna see duke it out.

Just Another Day at the Office

The Story : Two business men that are not to be messed with Wilson Fisk aka. Kingpin and Lex Luthor are both crimelords and both have any active hate for Super Heros that are spoiling their plans. So I thought it was only natural that these two would eventually cross pathes (ya so they are in different universes big whoop) and duke it out. Both men are transported to Legacy Plateau and are lookin pissed.

Round 1 : The match starts off with Kingpin calling on his Asian Connection to void Lex's intellect skills. Lex being a Skilled Martial Artist attacks Kingpin, hitting once but swatted away by Kingpin's Walking Stick. Both men take a step back and plan there next assualt.
Round 2 : Lex pulls out his Prototype Blaster and fires a round at Kingpin who attempts to grab Lex, but takes the blast full in the chest realizing that no strength attacks could stop the blast as he thuds against the ground a few feet away. Kingpin calls on The Rose as he gets back up to his feet. Once up Kingpin hurls his Walking Stick at Lex.
Round 3 : Kingpin orders his Underworld Henchmen to keep Lex at a distance. Lex whips out his cell phone and taps into his Global Resources. Seeing no danger Kingpins henchmen retreat.
Round 4 : Lex yells out the Art of the Deal in a furious rage as Kingpin, being a Business Savvy searches for options other than fighting but soon finds out that Lex is a Ruthless Adversary. Calling upon his Sumo Knowledge Kingpin slams Lex into the ground.
Final Round:: Lex barley surviving the last attack, wobbling around as Kingpin goes in for the kill. Lex screams in rage and uleashes his most devastating attack yet. Driving his wingtip into Kingpin's know..... Kingpin crumples under the attack falling to his knees. Lex laughes sensing victory. Kingpin groans and turns his head slightly the glare from his head being magnified by the sun. Lex looks down at Kingpin then screams as the glare blinds him, stumbling backwards Lex nears the edge of the plateau and then...the sickening thud that is Kingpins victory.



This is how I thought that this fight would go but I would like to know what you think. So leave your comments and who you think should have won on the message board by clicking here.



* KINGPIN {R} E: 2 F: 4 S: 5 I: 6 (17)
~ May play Teamwork cards from Reserve. ~
* ASIAN CONNECTIONS [OPD] Opponent's Team with Power Grid of 7 or 8 in Power Type of Kingpin's choice may not use Power cards of that Power Type to attack for remainder of battle.
* BUSINESS SAVVY Draw 3 cards. Discard duplicates.
* CRIME MAGNATE [OPD] Kingpin's team is +1 to all numeric Special cards for remainder of battle. Bonus not applied to damage or Venture total. May be played from Reserve
* THE ROSE Acts as a level 5 Fighting attack. Kingpin may play 1 additional Special card.
* SUMO KNOWLEDGE [OPD] Acts as a level 9 Strength or Intellect attack
* UNDERWORLD HENCHMEN Opponent's team may not use Fighting Power cards level 6 through 8 to attack for remainder of battle.
* WALKING STICK Acts as a level 4 Energy or Strength attack.

* LEX LUTHOR E: 3 F: 4 S: 3 I: 8 (18)
* ART OF THE DEAL [OPD] Remove any cards from Lex Luthor's Draw Pile and discard into Dead Pile. Reshuffle Draw Pile.
* GLOBAL RESOURCES Lex Luthor may have 1 additional Power, Universe or Special card placed on him until Lex Luthor is KO'd.
* POWER HUNGRY Choose 1 power card usable by Lex Luthor, excluding Intellect, from Draw Pile and place in hand. Reshuffle Draw Pile.
* PROTOTYPE BLASTER Acts as a level 6 Energy attack. Cannot be defended by a card with a Strength icon.
* RUTHLESS ADVERSARY [OPD] Opponent -6 to Venture total for this battle.
* SKILLED MARTIAL ARTIST Acts as a level 2 Strength attack. May make 2 additional attacks.