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That 70's Show! - Overpower

Name Grid
Kelso 1-3-4-2
Jackie 3-3-2-2
Laurie 2-3-3-4
Eric 1-2-2-5
Donna 4-4-2-5
Fez 2-1-1-7
Hyde 1-3-4-8

Well these grids are a little wierd. I mean it's a sit-com. Kelso got a four strength becuase i think he is the strongest of the bunch. 2 intellect becuase I mean he is the stupidest guy I have ever seen. Jackie got a 2 intellect mainly because she is just as airheaded as Kelso. She got a 3 energy because she is fiesty. Laurie is pretty much self-explainitory. Eric got a 5 intellect because he is one of the smarter few although lacking in fighting and strength. Donna is smart if not smarter than Eric, and she can be much fiester than any of the others she just tends to hide it. (or so I think.) I also think she could kick the crap outta the other people. I am positive that there is more to Fez than meets the eye. I think he is a spy for his mother country and a very smart one. Hyde is a mastermind. What can I say? he engineers traps and pit falls for the others, I mean look at what happened at VANSTOCK!!!!!!!!