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Virtua Fighter 2 - Overpower


Name Grid Inherit
Akira 2:8:4:6  
Pai 3:7:2:5  
Lau 3:7:3:6 +2 to defense if 'Raining Champion' is in play.
Wolf 2:6:6:3  
Jeffery 1:5:7:3  
Kage 2:8:3:4 May have duplicate 'Mah-Jong' specials.
Sarah 3:7:3:2  
Jacky 2:8:4:4  
Shun 4:5:3:7 May play 'Drunken Punch' from reserve.
Lion 3:7:2:4 May play 'Death Merchant' from reserve.

I think most of these characters should have high fighting ranks. Akira, Kage, and Jacky got 8's because they seemed to be exceptional in the game. Shun had a 5 mainly because he is not too much of a fighter until 'Drunken Punch' is played, which increases his fighting to 7. He got 7 intellect because I do belive he is quite smart. Sarah got a 2 intellect because she is under mind control and can do very little thinking for herself. I think the rest is self explanitory.