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DareDevil (iq) Character


  • Agility x5 (ps)
  • Alertness x2 (ps)
  • Blind Justice x6 (iq)
  • Radar Combat x5 (iq)

    Dazzler Specials:

  • Longshot Love x2 (cl)
  • Roller Queen (cl)

    Deadpool x3 (op) Character

    Deadpool x2 (iq) Character


  • Bushwack (ps)
  • Distracting Chatter x2 (iq)
  • High Threshold of Pain x6 opd (op)
  • Killing Machine x3 (op)
  • Regeneration x2 (op)
  • Super Spy x3 (op)

    Doc Samson x11 (mc) Character

    Doc Samson x2 (iq) Character


  • Cautious Advisor x4 (iq)
  • Gamma Muscle x2 (mc)
  • Green Haired Hero x2 opd (mc)
  • Head Shrinker (iq)
  • Power Punch x5 (mc)
  • Theorectial Treatment x2 (mc)

    Dr. Doom x3 (op) Character

    Dr. Doom x2 (iq) Character


  • Concussion Beams x18 (op)
  • Expendable Ally x2 (ps)
  • Energy Dampering Field x9 (op)
  • Super Genius opd (op)
  • Time Machine x5 (op)
  • Villianous Plot opd (op)

    Dr. Octopus x6 (op) Character

    Dr. Octopus x2 (op) Character


  • Big Plans x3 (iq)
  • Criminal Mastermind x2 (op)
  • Evasive Action x4 (op)
  • Grasping Tentacles opd (op)
  • Mulit-Armed Menace x3 (op)
  • Villianous Shield x4 (op)

    Dr. Strange x2 (iq) Character


  • Catastrophic Magic x3 (iq)

    Domino (ps) Character

    Domino x2 (iq) Character


  • Battle Medic x3 (iq)
  • Double Down x2 (ps)
  • Dumb Luck x3 (iq)
  • Fall into Place x2 (ps)
  • Shrapnel Bomb x3 opd (ps)
  • Six Pack Attack x4 (ps)

    Dracula Specials:

  • Children of the Night (cl)
  • Lifeblood (cl)
  • Summon Thundar (cl)

    Elektra (op) Character

    Elektra (iq) Character


  • Anticipate x3 (op)
  • Infiltration x2 (iq)
  • Martial Artist opd (op)
  • Ninja Master x3 (op)
  • Ninja Trap opd (iq)
  • Ressurection x3 (op)
  • Sai x4 (op)

    Falcon (cl) Character


  • Aerial Manuevers (cl)
  • Mechanical Wings (cl)

    Forge Specials:

  • Cybernetic Limbs x3 (iq)
  • Footsoilder Training x3 (iq)
  • The Maker x2 (iq)
  • The Neutralizer x2 (iq)

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