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About Me

  Well you all know me as Calamari, but my real name is Ryan. I am 15 and live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and am proud of it too. I have been playing overpower since it came out..whenever that was. Overpower Legacy was not my first overpower site, way back when I made a site called 'The Overpower Delta' then changed the name to 'The Tropic of Overpower' which was later changed to 'Avalon' then was changed to 'Overpower Dreams' then 'Age of Overpower' then I got my act together and moved to tripod, and started from scratch with 'Overpower Legacy'. I usually play op twice a week, and I do have a regular group. Axis, and his two cousins Robbie and Matthew, Razor, and whoever else I can round up. I am not a member of the overpower legion mainly because I know people have sent money and gotten nothing. My favorite Marvel hero is Silver Surfer. You can usually find me in #Overpower on Superchat, under the nick [Tak] or Calamari of course. I play alot of card games. Magic, Rage, Battle-Tech, L5R, Pokemon, Young Jedi. The list goes on. That's all I can think of right now but there will be more added later.....

PS. If you live in Calgary, or the area (Okotoks etc. ) Lemme know I am more than willing to travel to play Overpower. You can contact me be email and then we can arrange something.