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I will post my personal opinion on certain overpower realated topics here. Please feel free to respond to wait I write by Emailing Me.

The Future of Overpower
It is the question that has been on all the minds of all the op players out there. I am not the most informed person, and I won't pretend to be. The last big news I heard was that Ron had stepped down, and overpower was in "statis". Will Overpower ever come out of its coma? We all seem to think it will. All of us have a sliver of hope stuck in the back of our mind, waiting for the day we will hear news, good news. It seems we haven't had any. Ever. Will Overpower just die? It is a tough thing to deal with, especially for me. Overpower has brought me together with almost all of my close friends. I wouldn't have become friends with Razor with out it, but I can't help but think...why am I doing this...buying overpower...making this could all be for nothing. That scares me. Let that sink in. Because it really does. I doubt that marvel cares about how this game has affected my life, I don't think it matters that I love this card game as much as some of my pets. But I do have one can the one thing that has almost taken over my life several times just dissapear. The answer can't. As long as us players are out they keeping the game alive. Overpower is going to be around for a long time. Until every last one of us outgrows it but even then our children just might pick up on the game. Which means that as long as some of us, no matter how few continue to play, collect, chat, and make webpages are out there this game is here to stay. And always remember ........ OvErPoWeR RuLeS.