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My OP Store (in my dreams)

  Well I had plans on opening a card store. But my schooling has interfered (and so have my marks being in the forties) this store is on hiatus until I can get it all worked out once again.


A - The tournement section, six tables, more if needed.
B - The office section of the store. All the paper work, ordering etc. is done here.
C - Storage. Nuff Said.
D - This is the area where cards are sold (duh). The tables to the front are glass display cases and the to the rear of this section is the cards shelves.
E - Another display case, containing minatures, dice, etc. (You ask for what you want and we get you one from the back). The selves well contain role, playing books etc. There is another display case under those selves that contain D & D computer programs etc.
F - This is the main entrance, we plan on having the floor decaled etc.

Tell me what you think via Email.