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Age of Apocalyspe

Homebase: Age Of Apocalypse

Your Team
May not be Spectrum KO'd with Intellect Power cards.
Dark Beast
May play any Beast Specials.
May have duplicate 'Ghostly Phase' Specials.

Mission: Age Of Apocalypse

Battlesite: (none)


Power cards:

Skill Power Level
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Energy           2 1 2
Fighting     1   1 1    
Strength     2          
Intellect         3 4 2  
MultiPower (no intellect)                
MultiPower: 1 1 1 3 1      
Any-Power:         1 1 1 1

Basic Universe cards:

Ally cards:

Teamwork cards:

Event cards:

Rebel Forces Regroup!
Move all Mission cards currently in the Lost Missions Pile into the Reserve Missions Pile.
Mutant Rebels Held Captive!
No Strength Power cards may be played this battle. Affected Power cards are not discarded.
Infinite Army Scatters!
No Teamwork Universe cards may be played this battle.
Martyr For The Cause
All hits in the Permanent Record of all Front Line Heroes are moved to the Permanent Record of one Front Line Hero.

Card Summary

Total cards 65
Usable Cards
Morph 33
Dark Beast 39
Shadowcat 37
X-Man 35
Exclusive Cards
Morph 3
Dark Beast 8
Shadowcat 5
X-Man 11