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(Alpha Flight: E4, F7, S4, I6)

There Canadian so I like em. And therefore I must review em.

Alpha Flight has an ok grid. They can be very useful in fighting/intellect decks, although I can't understand why they have a 4 strength .. I mean look at 'Squatch in the background he is pumped!

The Specials

* AROURA (HF) <MN> {C} Acts as a level 4 Fighting or Energy attack.
Hmm an ok card, to bad there isn't a follow up. Oh well. Maybe this is what you need to get the KO.
* GUARDIAN (AG)=>(AD) <MN> {U} Teammate may avoid 1 attack.
Damnit why doesn't Guardian ever defend himself!??! This can be a useful card if are one of those people who like to play with characters over quality.
* PUCK (EJ) <MN> {U} Acts as a level 2 Strength attack. If successful, acts as a level 8 Energy Power card.
Heheheheeh just lookin at this picture makes me laugh such a freaky looking midget that puck is. I actually really like this card. It is an annoyance to block but can do some damage if it goes unchecked. I throw two or three in my decks.
* SNOWBIRD (FB) <MN> {U} Draw top card from Draw Pile. If drawn card is an attack. Alpha Flight may use it, if drawn card is not an attack, discard it to the Dead Pile.
Why wouldja waste a turn doing this? sure you might draw an attack but I mean big whoop. Next.
*SASQUATCH (HR) <MN> {VR} [OPD] Acts as a level 9 Strength or Intellect attack.
Finally Sasquatch gets the recognition he deserves. This is a sweet card, it is big and dual powered. I like I like.
* SHAMAN (CK) <MN> {VR} [OPD] Play in current battle to resurrect any KO'd teammate next battle. Teammate is discarded at end of next battle.
This can be useful. If it is a teamate being KO'd and not Alpha Flight. Any deck would benifit from this card unless you goal is to lose.
* MURMUR (KD) <CL> {U} [OPD] All Energy Power Card Hits on Target Character are doubled when determining Cumulative K.O. for remainder of game. Does not count toward Venture Total.
Good Card. When majority of your attacks consist with power cards it can be the decider of a battle. I usually use this card against my opponents heavy hitters.

Alpha Flights over all rating : 7 out of 10