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The Low Down

Name : Crazy 8's
Current Record 7 / 2
Fun Factor 3.5 out of 5
Deck Size : 76 Cards Total
Mission Age of Apocalypse

The Cards


The System OPD Azrael may make 2 Power card attacks at +2 each, or 1 Power card attack at +3. Bonus not applied to damage, or Venture Total.
Know My Wrath OPD Acts as a level 10 Fighting attack
Battle Armor x2 Avoid 1 Fighting or Strength attack.
Divine Inspiration x1 Azrael gains a +2 to defense for remainder of battle.
Flaming Sword x1 Acts as a level 4 Energy attack. May combine with 1 Strength card for a single attack.


Freelance Spy OPD Team gains +2 to all actions.
Combat Armor x2 Acts as a level 5 Fighting or Intellect attack. May not be defended by a card from a Battlesite.
Kinetic Absorbtion x1 Avoid 1 attack made with a Power card. Maverick may draw 1 card from the top of the Draw Pile. Discard duplicates.


Healing Factor x2 Remove 1 hit from Sabretooth's permanent record
Wildcat Attack x2 Acts as a Level 7 Strength attack
Government Operative x1 Teammate may avoid 1 Fighting attack. May be played while Sabretooth is in Reserve.
Dangerous Mind x1 Acts as a level 2 Fighting attack. If successful, acts as a level 8 Intellect Power card.


Canucklehead OPD Wolverine may use Fighting Power cards level 6 through 8 to avoid any attack made against Wolverine or teammate for remainder of battle
Fighting Instinct x2 Avoid 1 attack
Wounded Animal OPD Acts as a level 8 Fighting attack +1 for each hit on Wolverine's permanent record

Power Cards/Universe Cards/Multi-Power/TeamWorks

Energy Quantity
5 x1
Fighting Quantity
5 x2
6 x4
7 x4
8 x4
Strength Quantity
3 x2
5 x2
6 x1
Intellect Quantity
1 x2
2 x1
3 x1
4 x1
Fighting Bonus Quantity
6 +3 x4
7 +3 x4
8 +3 x4
Value Quantity
3 x2
4 x3

Team Works

Fighting Quantity
6 to use x2
7 to use x3
8 to use x3

Any Characters

Bastion OPD Negate the effect of any 1 Special card. This card may be Placed. If Placed, may only negate an "Any Hero/Character" Special.
Web-Headed Wizard OPD Exchange this card for any 1 card in Dead Pile.
Confusion OPD Avoids all attacks from 1 Teamwork card, or target hero must discard 1 placed Teamwork card.
Guardian Angel OPD Any hero may avoid 1 attack.
The Fortress of Solitude OPD Play on your turn to concede battle. All Mission cards Ventured this battle return to piles they were Ventured from. This card may be placed.
Devourer of worlds OPD Play during battle. Opponent cannot use Activator cards for remainder of game or until this Special has been attacked with 4 Activator card attacks. This Special may not be negated.


Mutant Rebels Held Captive No Strength Power cards may be played this battle. Affected Power cards are not discarded.

How to play this Deck

I find that this deck is more on the "I want to win" side then on the "I want to have fun" side. The goal of this deck is to hit your opponent with small attacks at the start of the battle, then bring out the teamworks and wear down their hand. Only to hammer then with large fighting attacks once they are out of large defnsive cards. Marvericks special Freelance Spy can be very potent, if used correctly. Play this card in a battle where you have Azrael's Know my Wrath in you hand or placed, and make sure you have some 7's and 8's, and at least one universe card so you can do maximum damage. Also make sure you save Canknuckle head in a battle where you have both some good offense and defense cards. In a battle where you know you are beaten, venture at least 3 cards in an attempt to bluff out your opponent. If your opponent does not feel comfortable with his hand, he may concede and if he doesn't slap down a fortress of solitude and end any misery you might be caused. By the way only use Devourer of worlds if your opponent is using locations, take it out of your deck! But if your opponent does happen to be using locations. Put down the Devourer of worlds just to piss your opponent off and even throw them off of their game, and if they negate it it's no big deal. You can always call it back with Web Headed Wizard, but if you have already played Freelance Spy call that back it can be a much more potent card.