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General Tips

  Table of Contents

Do's and Don'ts of OP
Picking A Reserve

Do's and Don'ts of Overpower
(how do you spell don'ts??)

  • Do not! let your emotions get the best of you, it is just a game. No need to blow your top.
  • Do not! Hold grudges, if you get angry during the game it is not justifable to push your opponent down the stairs after the match.
  • Do! Play fair, and good sportsmanship is a must.
  • Do! Shake hands before and aftyer a game.
  • Do! Keep your cool. I have had someone spit on my frontline, they then threw their draw pile at me because I had KO'd their Onslaught in the first turn. They were asked to leave by the holder of the get-together and I went on to win and collect a prize. My frontline was ok. The Deck-Protectors kept them dry.


Whenever I goto play OP I take my cool-ass plastic case with two sperate places for decks. I take one deck that I think is good and just might win. I also take a fun deck. I bring a rulebook and whatever else I might need. I suggest that you always take the following things to an OP game.

If you lose with one deck playing it again can really suck. It is nice to have another deck to switch to and it makes gameplay more intresteing when you mix up the decks you play.

If you have not memorized the rules word for word take one with you. If you get into an arguement you can quickly check out what the rules have to say.

Nobody likes playing with someone who takes twenty minutes to sort out their decks, and mess with there events missions etc. Do it before hand so things can move around much more quickly and smoothly

It can be a major downer to play against someone who doesn't feel the need to wash themselves. My worst expirence was playing against someone who showed up bare foot and had long black finger nails. *yeech* Be nice to you opponent. Wash up. ;)



Picking a Reserve
(this is from Hawkeyes Overpower Mansion. I couldn't have said it better)

Specials which may be played in reserve.

This one is pretty simple. You would like your reserve to help you before he moves up. Possibilities include avoiding an attack, making an attack against your opponent, or hindering your opponent in some other way. To have a 4 on 3 advantage is very useful. Also he may have a special that could help him later like Speed of Mercury. He can be at full strength when coming to the frontline and not have to wait to draw the card.

Examples of other reserves which play useful specials from reserve are Flash, Hawkeye and Spider Women. Hawkeye has two good offensive specials that he can use in reserve, Flash can knock off placed cards on his opponent, and Spider Women can avoid attacks for her frontline teammates.

One or two great specials

Your reserve should have an immediate impact when he comes up, so having one or two great specials can really help your chances of winning. Having a lot of good specials doesn't matter with a reserve because a lot of specials will be wasted. You can only place one special under a reserve. Characters with a lot of good specials are much better off in the frontline where they can be used to the best of their abilities. A reserve just needs a couple of powerful specials to turn the game around.

Examples include Hulk, Ray Morph, Thing, etc. Hulk has two powerful attacks, an 8S +1 for each hit on PR, and a 9F, but little else. Having two specials like that are great for making an instant impact when coming up, but would be wasted in the frontline because he would probably get K.O.'d quickly before being able to use the cards. Thing(10 strength) is in the same situation with only one good card. He is better off in the backline while a character with 4 good cards should be used in front. Ray (duel 9 draw 3)follows this example. Ray's draw three can win games late, especially in the power pack, and he also has the duel nine. Finally, Morph(spec acts same as any other, switch with dead character) has the ability to have a special equal any other powerful special used plus can be used to bring back a frontline teammate who may not have been able to use all their useful specials yet.

Good stats

Reserves usually will be around to the end, so is important that they be able to play most, if not all of the power cards in the deck. If not you will get a lot of discards and you won't be able to make or defend high attacks in the power pack. If this occurs your opponent will spend no time finishing you off. Even if his character have 19 hits to ko on them you will be inable to finish him off.

Example of this is Sabertooth Sabertooth has for the most part horrible specials, but with a 8 fighting and a 6 strength he is perfect for backing a strong fighting weak strength deck, with Deadpool, Reavers, and others. He backups their main skills, so even though they have better specials he compliments them well. While your opponent will concetrate on killing hiss teammates with good specials when the power pack comes he will left, and more valuable to you then any other character.

Lack of an avoid/defense

This rule is just a reason for using a character in reserve who seems good for the front line. If a character doesn't have good defense he won't last long in the frontline no matter how many good offensive specials he has. They won't be good if he is K.O.'d first round. You just will get a lot of discards.

Example of this is Magneto. Magneto has four very good offensive specials. An 11AP, 6E, 4Multi, and a target opponent may not attack for remainder of battle. Despite this he has no defense, so he could be K.O.'d quickly meaning a lot of wasted cards. It might be smarter just to take the 11AP and Target opponent may not attack for remainder of battle and put in reserve to stop discards and increase the chances of using to the two most powerful of the cards.

This is just a guideline for what makes a good reserve. The perfect reserve who falls under all four categories has yet to be made, so you have to take a one which fits with your particular deck and the goal of it.


When building a deck there a quite a few things that you should keep in mind.

  • Picking Characters

Picking good characters can make or break your deck. You should try to take some characters that have similar stats and work well together. I will add more later....