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(Magneto : E8, F5, S3, I6)

This is my first character review and I wanted to do a character that I thought was quite useful but also has some downsides. I found that Magneto would be a good candidate.

Magneto, in my oppinion is a character that would rate a 6 outta 10. He has some powerful specials but his 22 totally can restrict your deck. So I don't often use him I think I would rather have prof. X instead. Although Magneto is a well rounded character you don't find many decks that don't focus on one power type. He is great in an energy deck, if you have the space to put him in with out interupting the flow of things.

The Specials

* EVIL GENIUS (AF) <OP> {U} Opponent -3 to venture total for this battle
I like these cards, they can change the tide of battles quickly, but I only use one or two in my decks becuase I have found that I have more use for damaging cards.
* GRAVITY ALTERATION (AI) <OP> {U} Opponent must immediately discard 1 placed Universe card of Magneto's choice.
Hmm this is not all that useful of a card. Or at least I see it that way, I think that if my opponent is gonna place a universe card it is less dangerous than if he kept it in his hand. Sure it can get rid of the universe but I would rather draw a card that is more effective.
* MAGNETIC DEVASTATION (GJ) <IQ> {C} Acts as a level 4 Energy, Strength, Fighting, or Intellect attack. May make 1 additional attack.
Muwhahaha this card rocks! Not only do you get to attack again with no restrictions but it acts as a multi-power! WoooHoooo. I would put this card in almost any deck that I use too bad I don't use Magneto all that much.
* MAGNETIC SHIELD (AM) <OP> {U} Magneto gains +2 to defense for remainder of battle
This is one of those cards that I would only use if my opponent played a card that gave his characters +2 to attack. Yes it gives Magneto the ability to block 8's with 6's but I still only include one or two in my decks. It is useful some of the time and worthless others.
* MASTER OF MAGNETISM (HN) <IQ> {VR} [OPD] Acts as a level 11 Any-Power attack. Does not count toward Spectrum KO.
Huzzah! Aanother one of those cards that I love. It is a level 11 attack with almost no restrictions. So what it doesn't count tward spectrum it does 11 damage! Ultimate Potential eat your heart out!
* PARALYZE OPPONENT (AV) <OP> {R} [OPD] Target opponent may not attack for remainder of battle
A good card, I personally use this card to strap down my opponents big attackers with placed specials such as Clobberin' Time. You can bide your time and hopefully K.O. the victim of this special.
* POWER FLUX (AR) <PS> {R} Acts as a level 6 Energy attack.
This card is ok, it isn't as good as those level 7 attacks but it does the job ok. Putting 1 to 2 of these in your decks just may be the extra hit that you need to K.O. a character.
* REPEL OBJECT (AD) <OP> {U} Avoid 1 attack made with a Universe card
I really don't like this card. An avoid with restrictions is not something I like to use the odds that you have this card when you need it are slim. Therefore I usually don't put any of these in my decks. Cuz in my opinion. They Suck.