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Stat Definitions


I didn't write this page. I simply took it off JEFF'S PAGE OFF CHOCLATEY GOODNESS. Sadly that site has been retired. But anyways I added this little section to help everyone out there give their favorite Character the right stats.


  • 1-2- Just your average person, with the more athletic-types in the "2" range.

  • 3- For a "3" in Energy, your physique would likely need to be enhanced, either biologically or technologically.

  • 4-5- For these stats, you would need some power that requires quite a bit of energy, but doesn't necessarily release that energy in a raw form.

  • 6-7- Someone with these stats definitely show their energetic powers, whether it be lasers from the eyes, fireworks from the fingertips, or a flaming skull for a head.

  • 8- These all-powerful Characters can do just about anything they please. Just think about the "6-7" group and multiply their power by a few times.


  • 1-2- No real formal training, at most you'd just have what you picked up at the school playground.
  • 3-4- A few self-defense lessons, maybe hanging with the X-Men a bit? Who knows where it'll get you?
  • 5- Someone like this has likely been fighting super heroes/villains for a while now, and has gotten pretty good at it.
  • 6- We're getting into the elite now. To have a "6" in Fighting, you'll need to be an expert in at least one form of martial arts, or else a really good street fighter.
  • 7- A "7" would likely be skilled in multiple ways of the warrior, along with exceptional firearm skill.
  • 8- Watch out for these folks; they're the best there is at what they do. Period.


  • 1-2- Untrained, average person who doesn't go out of his/her way to stay in shape.
  • 3- Probably an amateur athelete, nothing serious, just enough to be in good condition.
  • 4-5- A "4" is a pro-level athlete, in excellent physical condition. A "5" is probably an Olympic-level athlete.
  • 6- Pretty much the only way to be this strong is through some sort of mutation, strength-enhancing armor, or some other superhuman method.
  • 7- These folks toss cars, trucks, and large house pets around without breaking a sweat.
  • 8- You name it , these guys can bench it, and then maybe squash it, dismember it, and otherwise annihilate it an a variety of ways.


1-2- You know these folks aren't that smart, "1" being an education below high-school level, and "2" being a high-school graduate.

3-4- Pretty smart people, with at least some education beyond high-school.

5- Well-learned Characters that may have dabbled occasionally into the sciences, but nothing too serious.

6- Very smart people, usually doctors of some sort.

7- Here we have our professional scientists, people who have dedicated their lives to knowledge.

8- These are geniuses, routinely inventing things like unstable molecules and Doombots.