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(Superboy : E6, F3, S6, I3)

I have never seen Superboy I thought what the hell. I'll do him.

What can I say? He is superboy. He is pretty bad. One OPD. Max. 6. But maybe he has a few upsides.

The Specials

* COOL SHADES (AE) <BS> {R} Acts as a level 4 Energy attack. May combine with 1 Fighting card for a single attack.
Nothing really special here. It is a max of seven. Not to great no..not great at all. I would maybe put one of these in my decks. Maybe.
* KID OF STEEL (AH) <BS> {U} No cards with a Fighting icon may be played against Superboy for remainder of battle.
Well, this card can be useful. Keyword : CAN. If your oppoenent is using a fighting deck you might benifit from one of these in your deck.
* TACTILE TELEKINESIS (AI) <BS> {R} Target character must discard 1 placed card of Superboy's choice
I actually like this card. It can be used to get rid of any placed card. No limits to say a special card. I have four of these in my main deck right now.
* UP, UP, AND AWAY (AD) <BS> {U} Avoid 1 Energy or Strength attack.
This is one of those limited avoid one attacks that nobody likes. It is just too limited. And the fact that it avoids attacks that happen to be in Superboys higher stats it is not to useful.
*THE RAVERS (FE) (H) <JL> {R} Acts as a level 3 Fighting attack, each Front Line teammate may make one additional attack.
Hey this isn't too bad. Although it can drain your hand if you don't have any placed cards. I would put one of these in my deck. Maybe two.
* DUBBILEX (EY) <BS> {VR} [OPD] Opponent's team may not use cards with an Intellect icon for remainder of battle. Holy hell this card can be useful. But only if your opponent is using an intellect deck. (watch out GDMJR your intellect sqaud is going down ;P). Unfortunetly it is very restricted. Sorta.


SuperBoy's over all rating : 3 out of 10
Number of times the word hell appears in the above : 2