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Robots & Space Toys Page 1

1960's Japan ALP CO's Scarce Missile Man Robot with Reproduction Box- The most desirable & scarcest in the series including Rocket Man & Moon Explorer. Very tough to find. The missile man advances forward with space sound, stops, opens up the chest panel where the missiles shoot destroying all would be foes ! Great action. The robot Stands appx 15" to tip of antenna. This particular example is in excellent C-8.5 condition with a rare repro box as boxes of any type for this toy is very rare. The toy had some minor respray in a few small areas. Not noticeable at all or else I would rate it a C-9 . Works fine. A great addition for the advanced collection available now for only SOLD

1950's Japan MT CO's Robot "Shoot Him" AKA Target Robot a Rare Gang of 5 Member with original dart gun + dart & repro box- To say a gang of 5 robot & rare in the same sentence is rather redundant, nonetheless, here is the rare target robot. All the gang of 5 robots are imposing for there sheer size alone not to mention beautiful litho & colors This gang of 5 member is the only one to have a fully litho'd body & the target robot has to rank as the most fun of the bunch. There is a round chest mounted target that when struck by the dart causes the robot to stop, then let out a screeching sound while squiggly lines are illuminated at the mouth piece. Robot then proceeds to go after "the attacker". Very entertaining ! Condition is excellent C-9 with an awesome repro box ! Operates flawlessly & comes with original gun & 2 darts +  SOLD

1950's Japan Scarce !!!! Aoshin CO's Chime Trooper- This is a super scarce piece that rarely surfaces. The chime trooper features wind up Bump & Go Action & a sound is also produced that many refer to as the "chime sound". Beautiful all tin lithography graces the classic skirted design. This toy is undoubtedly on the top of many high end collectors wish list & will enhance any high end robot & space toy collection. Mint in box this toy fetched over 13K from bergintoys & a poor version sold for over 5K in Atlantic City. This one has very minor tarnishing on some of the bright spots & the chime sound is very faint but you can own this excellent C-8.5 +

Robbie Space Patrol- In the 1950's this
unlicensed toy was produced based on the
movie Forbidden Planet . The toy was quickly pulled off the shelves due to copyright infringement and has subsequently become very scarce & valuable . The toy pictured here is an outstanding MTH reproduction of the toy  in brand new C-10 condition with a C-10 perfect replica box. Most robot experts agree this is one of the finest reproductions ever made Only 500 hundred produced world wide. This toy is almost certain to keep increasing in value and a great investment for only $ 1399.99
1960's Japan Nomura CO's Planet Y Space Station with Rare Original Box- One of the few if not the only space station produced by the Japanese in the 1960's. The station is mostly tin litho'd in red, brown & silver with nice litho details. The toy emits a superb "space sound" one of the finer sounds produced. A pilot under the dome rotates along with red sequential lighting. There is a minor scuff on the dome but overall in excellent C-9 condition with it's rare C-7.5 box . Box has one split seam but all complete. Operates as it should & a joy to watch & listen to. Add this fine toy
for only $ 369.99
1950's Japan Linemars Lantern Robot w/repro box- A very rare opportunity to add a scarce robot to your collection. The Lantern Robot is one of the rarest robots in the world and seldom available. The unit has the classic robot appearance with very unusual action. The head opens to be filled with baby powder that is blown through the mouth when operating. The lantern also lights up as do the light bulb eyes. Finished in an attractive steel gray with bright red litho'd details & red remote control. Works perfectly with a very strong puffing action. Excellent C-9 condition & all original ! Remote is perfect. SOLD

1950's Japan Daiya CO's RARE Ranger Robot MINT with the Original Box & inserts !- This is the very Rare Ranger Robot made of plastic &  tin with a tin & steel substructure. Here is a near perfect example of the same toy that sold for nearly 9K at the Griffith Auction. This toy is normally in very poor condition with many body cracks & droopy ears even if your lucky enough to find one !. Walks with moving arms & rotating dome wheel while emitting smoke & also making a loud screeching noise ! Retractable antenna mounted on back. The robot is in excellent C-9+ condition with its SCARCE ORIGINAL C-9  BOX Plus Inserts ! There is a minor crack on one of the back battery tanks & a small chip, both flaws barely noticeable .  ON HOLD
1950's Japan Scarce MIGHTY ROBOT Near Mint in Original Box- Very scarce toy & one that we were happy to acquire from the legendary Griffith collection. This is by far the scarcest in the series, rarely available & never seen in the near mint C-9+ condition with a C-9 Original box probably the finest example in the states...tin litho in a metallic blue. Robot functions with mystery action , swinging plastic arms ( exclusive to this robot in the series) while 16 color gears revolve in the head & also a strobe type light illuminates the head. This robot is for DISPLAY ONLY