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Robots & Space Toys Page 2

1950's  Japan MT CO's Scarce Giant Sonic Robot with rare repro box- The only member of the gang of 5 with this particular head design. The sonic advances with Bump & Go action & lights as well as his trademark WOO WOO train sound which is the reason many collectors call him the train robot. The robot is finished in Red with Litho's panels , very similar in design to Machine Man. This is a very tough robot to find , especially in this excellent C-8.5+ condition with a Rare repro box. The robot functions as it should & there is some minor touch up, barely noticeable. Nice glossy finish & the litho panels are superb. The black color on the face is in excellent shape.
Available now for only $7299.99

1950's Japan T N CO's ORIGINAL Mechanized Robot with it's Rare ORIGINAL Box- The original & still the best this is an excellent example of the real 1950's Robby with its rare Original Box. The robot that fueled the collecting craze is often tough to find especially with its original box. This unit is in excellent C-9 condition with it's rare C-7.5 box. The robot has some crazing on the legs & one leg has some scratching in its battery compartment. Dome has some minor cracks ( I can have this replaced however). Unit walks with lighted voice area, spinning antennas & moving pistons. A great chance to add a significant Original Piece to your collection .
ONLY $ 2199.99

1950's Japan Alps CO's Rare Man in Space With Original Packing insert - Very tough toy to find & this particular example is in outstanding C-9 condition & everything functions as it should. The remote alone on this toy is one of the most outstanding remotes on any Japanese robot or space toy. The astronaut is nicely litho tin with a celluloid head the remote is imposing accepting 3 D batteries & has a nice astronaut lunar scene as well as a rocket in orbit. The astronaut functions with his propellor back pack when you hit the button Watch Out ! This guy really takes off. Very entertaining to watch & a great example of the golden era of Japanese Toys ! Available now purchase this fine toy for only

1950's Japan Linemars Lantern Robot w/SCARCE ORIGINAL BOX & SCARCE COLOR VERSION - The Lantern or Powder Robot as collectors refer to, is one of the rarest robots in the world and seldom available. The unit has the classic robot appearance with very unusual action. The head opens to be filled with talcum powder that is blown through the mouth when operating. The lantern also lights up as do the light bulb eyes. Finished in an attractive steel gray with scarce gold & red litho'd details & red remote control. Works perfectly with a very strong puffing action. Excellent C-9 condition with Original Box in C-7.5 Condition, Great Front Graphics only minor tears & both Original Instruction sheets & Inserts & the Original Powder Cap which is very Rare as many are missing & or repro's & Original Eyes !!!  This is a display only piece we acquired & actually set a world record price for.

1980's Japan Y CO's Reissue of the Original Smoking Robot with the Original Reissue box with inserts- In the 1980's the original Japanese toy house that manufactured the now classic smoking spaceman robots, reissued an identical copy. This basically means you can almost consider these newer versions to be original Vs reproductions. The main distinguishing characteristic is that looking between the legs you can see a plastic gear whereas the 1960's version used metal gearing. Outside of that this is a near perfect copy. The unit is in brand new C-10 condition with the perfect reissue box & all inserts. The charcoal version offered here is considered to be the most difficult color to find. Purchase for, SOLD We will try & add more soon

1950's Japan KO CO's High Wheel Robot with Reproduction Box- Tough to find battery operated robot. Finished in a bright metallic blue with lithographed tanks on the back. Translucent chest panel exposes rotating gears that revolve when robot is in motion. Chest & head area illuminate & toy advances forward. Retractable antenna mounted on back. This rare robot is in excellent C-9 condition & functions perfectly. The 2 nubs that clip on the remote are sheared off but this is very minor. Robot is bright & glossy. SOLD

1950's Japan Yonezawa's Scarce Astro Scout 3 with Repro Box -Display Only !! - Can't believe that after years of searching this is the best we can do but nonetheless here is the scarce astro scout 3 ..early astronaut that is motivated by crank action. Finished in a solid hammered blue that has a texture not unlike the radicon. The comical balloon style arms are missing that really change the perspective of this piece. There are going to reproductions made of this toy so hopefully the arms will be authentic to the original & therefore a good source for donors...In the meantime if anyone has (needle in the haystack) arms, face shield & a better repro box for this guy we will be forever in your debt. Overall his condition is remarkably fine with a bright glossy finish. Crank mech. still works well although it skips a beat or two. Again this piece is for Display Only

1960's Japan Marx CO's Space Creature with a Great Repro Box-
Harder to find version. This attractively litho'd tin wind up space creature is a tough find & would make a welcome addition to any collection. C-9 condition. Only $ 159.99

1960's Japan Marx Moon Creature with a Great Repro Box -
Extra clean tin litho Japanese space creature is near mint C-9+ condition A beautiful wind up space toy for only
$ 159.99