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Battery Operated Toys Page 1

1960's Japan Marx CO's Hootin Hollow Haunted House- At some point in time any serious battery toy collector has to add this gem to their collection. This particular toy will blow you away with it's unbelievable litho details & incredible actions . The haunted house is mainly tin with again awesome litho details. There is a row of push buttons on the side that control the following actions: Jumping Black Cat, moving window shade, a door that eerily opens to reveal a vampire, a skeleton that pops out of the chimney, a silhouette of a ghost flying past a lighted window, shaking roof, whistling wind & a spooky growling howl. Whew, is that enough ! A really magnificent toy that is difficult to find in excellent C-9 condition. Works perfectly ! A must have for the battery op or monster toy collector. Actual Toy Pictured priced at $1299.99

1960's Japan Marx CO's Frankenstein w/repro box- Many collectors put this guy in the robot category although personally, I just think he's a cool toy period. This Frankenstein Monster is very rare & boxes of any kind are unheard of. This toy also happens to be in the top 10 all time of battery op's. The hands are typically deteriorated on this toy but not on this excellent C-9 example with a great repro box . Very nice litho on the body & a head that I swear was molded direct from Boris Karlof himself. If you collect monsters (especially universal monsters), character toys or robots then this is a must have in your collection! The actions include walking , bending & lifting via remote control. $1399.99

1950's Japan Ichida CO's Gypsy Fortune Teller with Scarce Original Box- Sonsco's Gypsy fortune teller is extremely rare & almost never has any kind of box available. The figure is cloth & vinyl on a tin base. Place a coin in the slot & her head nods, right hand is raised, the hand with the crystal ball moves back & forth. Her eyes flash 3 times, hand is lowered & a fortune card shoots out from under her sleeve. Tremendous action that will entertain during those full moon seances. Among the rarest & most desired of all battery toys. Toy is in great C-9 condition with a reproduction box. Has 10 of the 20 reproduction cards which is quite rare !!! SOLD

1960's Japan Marx Whistling Spooky Tree Dark fall version with Original box- Made in 1962 the Marx whistling spooky kooky tree was reputedly so scary that kids were too frightened of the toy & they had to be redesigned in a friendlier lighter shade. The first was known as the darker fall version , as you see on the left while the second is referred to as the spring version & is a lighter shade in color & overall a more friendly appearance. The action is magnificent with swinging arms...bump & go...moving eyes & a really LOUD whistling that will cause even the most ardent rock fans to take notice. On the  left is the actual toy & is in near mint C-9.5 condition with scarce Original box.  SOLD

1950's Japan Y CO's SCARCE Pleasant Kappa Mint In Original Box Straight from the Griffith Collection & featured in Brian Morans Battery Toys - Presenting the exceedingly scarce Pleasant Kappa or Funny River Monster. This monster is battery operated, lithographed tinplate, finished in green with a predominantly red base and a cloth vest and straw hair. When string is pulled Kappa laughs and shakes his head with shining eyes. In original Box, which states "If you pull string, Kappa will laugh, shake his head, and his eyes will shine, then you will have a clear head of thought." Condition is near mint C-9+ with C-9 Original Box. When tested mechanism worked, but needs some adjustment. The box is near mint with the exception of a small piece of tape and a small puncture on each side. Don Hultzman's Guide ranks this a 10 for scarcity ! If you want a cornerstone for your battery toy &/or Monster Collection act now ! $2499.99