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Battery Operated Toys Page 2

1950's Japan Yone CO's Teddy the Artist with it's rare Original Box- One of the most desirable bear battery ops is this hard to find Teddy the Artist. The toy comes with all nine of it's templates, instructions & crayon that attach to the hand & the motorized actions on the bear trace the template outline to produce the finished picture. This is one of the most animated battery toys made. The toy is in excellent C-9.0 condition with it's rare C-8.5 original box & functions perfectly ! . It is very difficult to find this toy complete so if you need to add one to your collection don't delay!  Available now $ 599.99

1950's Japan Cragstans MR. Fox the Magician in his RARE ORIGINAL BOX- Highly desirable battery toy this is the Mr. Fox Magician not to be confused with the Mr. Fox Bubble Blower . This is the rarer of the 2 toys & the one most sought after. Beautiful lithography & actions grace this wonderful toy. When activated the fox turns his head side to side, lifts his arm displaying the chick & then proceeds to lower his arm covering the chick with his hat. When the arm lifts once again the chick has disappeared !! This toy will truly delight you!! the toy is in outstanding C-9 condition with a fantastic C-9 original box plus the Original chick which is often missing or lost. The face has some very common slight discoloration. You can purchase this great toy for
only $599.99

1960's Japan TN CO's Coffee
Time Bear with Original Box- This guy
happens to be among my favorite bear
toys along with sleeping baby bear &
telly bear so eventually you will see
those others added & moved to their own
page. Will try to add the peanut &
popcorn vendors too. The actions on the
toy are pouring the hot java & drinking
from his nicely detailed tin litho stump.
Just what we want , bears juiced up on
caffeine. Oh well this guy doesn't seem
like he'd harm anyone ! Toy is in
excellent C-9+ shape with bright
colorful clothes & very clean fur.
Box is an excellent C-8.5 example.
Only $269.99

1950's Japan Cragstan CO's Popcorn Vendor Bear with Original Box- Beautiful & colorful tin & plush vintage battery toy. The bear moves forward wobbling down the road with a popping sound & twirling umbrella.This is one of the more highly desired battery toys & one that really takes you back to a simpler time. The toy is in outstanding C-9+ condition with it's C-9 Original Box & works flawlessly. Toy looks as if it was never used ! Don't miss out on this one. Tough to find in this type of condition. Priced at only $529.99
1950's Japan MT CO's Mischief Monkey- The dog shoos out of his dog house & barks at the monkey as he scampers back up the tree. The toy is fantastic to watch. The main actions as described above, consist of the monkey teasing the dog with a bone he is clutching until the dog gets PO'd enough to jump out of his house & let out a really wickedly loud noise ( which of course is supposed to be a bark), then the monkey really hauls butt back up the tree. One of the best action battery toys made. The toy is in excellent C-9 condition with some very minor factory touch ups on the green base that are barely visible & a very tiny dent that you have to look at extremely close to see on one side. Very clean battery compartment. This toy is very hard to come by.   SOLD