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Wish List
The list below contains the things that can help us help the horses in our care. We are a 100% volunteer based organization and we depend on donations to keep our placement program open to horses in need.

Supplies and services are every bit as appreciated as financial contributions! Please contact  Colleen if you're able to donate any of the items or services below.

If you would like to earmark your contributions for specific purposes, please note them and we'll apply them accordingly.  

Contributions, large and small, add up and make a difference!

ERR is federal 501C3, so all donations of supplies are tax deductible!

Please note, the list was updated on Tuesday, August 23, 2005.  Some items we now have were removed, and new needs have been posted.

Thanks for caring and taking the time to review our list!

Good quality horse hay.
Mineral Salt blocks
Tubes of Wormer - Ivermectin Paste (any brand is fine), Strongid, Safe Guard, Panacur
Strongid Daily Wormer
Wound treatment supplies (ointments, cotton rolls, gauze)
Vitamins and Supplements
Building Materials
Round Pen Panels
Stock Trailer
Heavy Duty Pick Up Truck
Lead Ropes
Halters (new or gently used, please)
5 Gallon Buckets
Rubber Feeders
Medicated and Antibacterial Shampoos
Heavy Duty Clippers
Winter Blankets
Pole Barn Kit
Copy paper (white or colored)
Ink for Sharp UX-460 fax machine
Ink for Hewlett Packard PSC 750 (color and black).

Gift Certificates
We will gratefully accept Gift Certificates for: Agway, Heritage Feed & Supply, Sears and Walmart.  

Please call us at (845) 744-1728 to schedule a drop off, request a pick up in the Orange County area or to volunteer!