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Agway Rewards Program
Equine Rescue Resource Inc. is a member of the Agway Rewards Program, and each proof of purchase is worth money to the horses!

This program is pretty straight forward... Buy Agway feed for your horses, when you empty your feed bags, tear off or cut out the proofs of purchase and put them in a safe place.  When you get a pile together, mail them to us!

If you don't buy Agway horse feeds, but know someone that does, please tell them about our program and ask them to participate!

The following products qualify for the Agway Rewards Program:

Agway Horse feeds (bagged):
Legends, Beginnings, Equitech, Mare'N Foal, Respond, Reliance, Priority, Bonanza and Sporting Choice
Proofs of Purchase are found on the back of the bag.

Triple Crown Horse Feeds (bagged):
10-14% Performance, Lite, Senior, Complete 12 & 30% Supplements, Rice Bran and Blended Forage Products
Proofs of Purchase are found on the back of the bag.

Bulk Feeds (sold by the ton):
Legends, Equitech, Mare'N Foal, Reliance, Priority and Bonanza
For bulk feeds, we need the original copy of your delivery slip.  Please keep a photocopy for your records, or, let us know you need a copy and we will send you one.

Ontario Dehy Inc. Products (Bags of Hay Cubes):
Alfalfa Cubes, Alfalfa/Timothy Cubes and Alfalfa Maize Cubes
Tag or proof of purchase, whichever is available on the product.

Please mail your proofs of purchase to:

PO Box 158
Throgs Neck, NY 10465

Agway, Inc. is a supporter of the Equine Rescue Resource, Inc. and we encourage you to visit their website and learn about all of the wonderful products Agway has to offer!