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Placement Program
We offer rideable horses and pasture puffs. Older horses are great teachers for younger children, a pasture puff can be a great companion for your single horse or you may find your next trail partner or show prospect waiting at one of our satellite barns! The adoption of one horse makes room for another horse in need right now so please consider providing a home to one of these truly special equines. Besides, their love when given is unconditional and there is nothing sweeter than a gentle nicker greeting you in the morning or more heart warming than a horse kiss!

If you are interested in obtaining an equine through the Equine Rescue Resource Inc., please read, print, complete and sign the E.R.R. Placement Application and the E.R.R. Placement Agreement . Keep one copy of all documents for your reference and submit the copy with your original signature to the ERR. Please include $10 to help defray postage and administrative expenses.

Once we review your application and check your references, you will be contacted and an appointment to meet the equine will be made. Before you are premitted to handle an ERR Equine, you must complete and sign a Liability Waiver. Transporting the equine will be your responsibility. A donation is required and will be established depending on the equine you choose to adopt.

You are responsible for providing the proper care and ongoing maintenance of the equine placed with you. This includes providing appropriate year-round shelter, free access to water, proper feed, inoculations, dental care, hoof care and worming. You are also responsible for providing veterinary care as necessary in the event of illness or accident. If you are wondering what the costs are to care for a horse, we've put together a simple Care Cost Estimate.

Please be sure to read the E.R.R. Placement Agreement carefully. This is designed to protect the equine and assure his/her proper care and location. We hope to find permanent, competent and loving homes for all of our horses; however, if for some reason you are unable to continue to provide this, we request thirty days' notice to arrange for his/her care. All applicants must live within 3 road hours of New York City.

All forms must be completed and returned with $10 before we can begin the approval and adoption process. Please allow us the time needed to coordinate a compatible match. The waiting time can be as little as one week or as long as 2 months. We require that you have stabling where other equines live or that you have a companion animal for the equine you are adopting.

All horse adopted must be picked up within 48 of placement.  If prompt pickup is not possibly, day to day boarding may be available for a nominal fee.

We look forward to meeting you!

Equine Rescue Resource Inc.
PO Box 158
Throgs Neck, NY 10465

Horses Available For Adoption and Sponsorship
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