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You Can Make A Difference!

Writers, researchers, graphic designers, trainers, horse farm owners, photographers and activists...

The Equine Rescue Resource has been made possible by a very dedicated team.  But in order for our resources to grow, the ERR Team must grow!  The more resources offered, the better others in and around the equine industry will be equipped to help the horses.

Join the ERR Team!  Together, WE can make a difference!

"Do you think they'll help out?"
" I don't know, what do you think?"
Red Diamond and Ziggy in fall of 2002.
Beautiful PMU foals we rescued in 2001.

Support E.R.R.

The ERR has launched a Placement Program!  We have opened our hearts and doors to horses that are in need of  new, loving and competent homes. Horses that have been victims of abuse, neglect and starvation, horses that are unwanted and in danger of slaughter are welcome here.  Our resources are very limited, but there are horses out there waiting to be helped.  The horses that have to wait for help, or that are in our currently in our care, sure could use Guardian Angels. The ERR Placement Program will only handle a few horses at a time and with good reason... we want to make sure we can properly  provide for ALL of the needs for ALL of the equines currently in our care. If you can find it in your heart to help with a feed/hay bill, a farrier bill, a vet bill or any other form of a sponsorship we would love to hear from you.  Please know that your donations and contributions are tax deductible. The full sponsorship of a horse waiting to be adopted will free up resources so that we can help another.  The more Guardian Angels we have, the more horses we can reach out to.   Will you be a Guardian Angel?

Please check out our Placement Program and see who is looking for love. We offer rideable horses and pasture puffs. Older horses are great  teachers for younger children, a pasture puff can be a great companion for your single horse, you may find your next trail partner or show prospect waiting at one of our satellite barns! The adoption of one horse makes room for another horse in need right now so please consider providing a home to one of these truly
special equines.  Besides, their love when given is unconditional and there is nothing sweeter than a gentle nicker greeting you in the morning or more heart warming than a horse kiss!  

Periodically, the ERR attends horse auctions and works with other established organizations to rescue slaughterbound horses. At times, we have even been able to  successfully intervene and prevent horses from going to slaughter auctions.  A few rescues have been facilitated already in 2001, and with your help we can rescue more!  Your funds will pay, or help pay, the purchase price.  The horse will then be entered into the ERR Placement Program or turned over to an approved rescue facility. Please know that your donations and contributions are tax deductible. Funds specificed for a horse rescue will NOT be used by the ERR for our corporate needs, 100% of your money will go to purchasing/vetting a horse in need.  

Hay, grain, halters, lead ropes, brushes, combs, hoofpicks, grooming supply totes, large RubberMaid tubs for storage,
bridles, saddles, fly masks, feed buckets, water buckets, mineral salt blocks, water troughs, fly spray, vet wrap, rolled cotton,
antibiotic ointments, betadine, betadine surgical scrub, iodine, gauze,  banamine, ace, ez boots, , blankets, towels,
shipping boots, leg wraps, hay nets, hoof supplements, glucosamine supplements, and any other item you can think of that
is related to responsible equine care and maintenance. And we love second hand stuff so please don't be bashful! Your donations and contributions are tax deductible.

ERR holds Ebay Fundraiser Auctions. Send in your extra tack, collectibles or unwanted items, or hold an auction for us!

Please tear off the seals on your bags of Agway and Blue Seal horse feeds and send them to us!
We are also collecting proof of purchases for Farnam products!

We have secured the domain names under .org, .net and .com
and we recently renewed our registrations and are continuing
other services to keep the ERR up and running.
$180 per year, or $15 per month.
Help us help the horses!

We would love to see educational materials reaching the equestrians who may not be aware of all of the issues!  
We can email you flyers for your printing and distribution.


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Equine Rescue Resource Inc.
PO Box 158
Throgs Neck, NY  10465
(845) 744-1728

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Other Ways You Can Make A Difference...

Free classifieds can be used to help get horses homes and supplies to those in need. List your available horses, tack, feed, hay, trucks, trailers, farms, foster space and fundraising items here.  

We're developing our rescue facility at
Hill Haven Farm
Pine Bush, NY

Visitors welcome by appointment.

A program to rehabilitate rescue horses and place them at no cost or low cost with therapy programs.