To update your info.  First you need to know what the website identifies you as now, on the "our team" page.  It might be correct or it might be spelled wrong or it might just say "Player05" or something like that... or you might not have your picture up yet in which case you can just say "not there" when asked what the website calls you now.

You will be asked a series of questions.  Only answer those you feel comfortable putting on the website.  It's basically the information that's in the Player boxes on the team page.  Once you answer them all, click on the "Sign Guestbook" button on the bottom of the page after all the questions and the guestbook will send me your information.

The updating is NOT AUTOMATIC (we wouldn't want just anyone adding junk about you, would we?).  It usually takes me and Gina a couple days to get to adding stuff so if you don't see your information added right away, don't worry and don't re-do or re-send it.  O.K?

Now click here to get to the questions.... or click your "back" button to see your team page if you want to see the type of questions or what your current name is.

Mr. Van