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Our President Carlos Ruiz lost his long battle with cancer on October 6, 2000.

Compañeros del RKMC:

El viernes 6 falleció Carlos Ruiz (qepd), la ceremonia religiosa se celebrará en la Iglesia Mayela, frente a Centro Industrial de Chanis a las 14:00 horas del lunes 9 de Octubre.

No enviar ofrendas florales, será enterrado en la Cripta del Santuario.

Los miembros del club asistiremos a las exequias para acompañar a nuesro gran compañero y amigo, Carlos.

Sabemos que muchos solo podrán estar espiritualemte con nosotros.


On Friday October 6, Carlos Ruiz passed away. The funeral will be Monday October 9, at Mayela Church, on Nuevo Reparto Chanis.

The RKMC will be present, giving the last salute and to honor a great fellow biker.

We know many of you will be spiritually present.


General Membership Meetings - were every Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

This page updated on October 15, 2000

Road Knights Motorcycle Club (RKMC)

We are legally registered and obtained Official Government of Panama recognition for the RKMC. We wish to present a brief overview of the RKMC.

The RKs is the oldest MC in continual existence in Panama. It was founded in 1973 to teach safe motorcycle riding skills and foster pride in the safe operation of motorcycles. In July 1974, the U.S. Armed Forces Commanding General in Panama canceled the scheduled destruction of Building #881, the old gas station, on Albrook and directed that it be given to the RKMC so we could have a facility to teach safe motorcycle riding skills. We remained in it for 23 years, until September 1997 when we vacated it so it could be turned over to Panama.

The RKMC is a social, recreational, charitable club. It is not a business. All money generated is returned to the members and to the people of Panama in the form of gifts and parties. In December 1996, we held two different parties for the unfortunates at the Louisa McGrath Home, and participated in the Mayor of Panama's Christmas Parade by helping with street and traffic control. In December 1997 and in December 1998 we aided with work, money, and gifts the General Services Administration's party for the School at Entre Dos Rios. That afternoon the RKMC went to La Jamina and with the assistance of Profesora de Barrios, (Representative of La Jamina), and put on a party by cooking food for and giving gifts to all the children of the town. These past three years are merely the latest events in our 25 year history of sharing with those less fortunate at Christmas time.

The RKMC is the only MC in Panama listed in the Motorcycle Touring Guides for Central and South America. Ed Culberson crossed the Darien twice to Columbia, was a Road Knights Member, Safety Instructor, and the Author of 'Obsessions Die Hard', his account of his struggles to ride from Alaska to Argentina crossing the Darien by motorcycle. Both crossings used our Albrook Clubhouse as his starting and return base. The Darien Jacket, the World's best rain jacket, was named in honor of his efforts in dealing with the rain during his crossings. Dave Barr the double amputee who toured the world on a Harley was also a guest, and has recommended the MC as a stopover point orally and in his writings. More recently in 1997, Dr. Gregory Frazier, Motorcycle Columnist and Author of more than 10 books, visited us and published comments about our Club and the Panamanian hospitality and assistance he received. To look over the RKMC Guest Register is an awe inspiring experience. This Club has been visited by and hosted so many motorcycle travelers from all over the world that it boggles the mind. If Panama is the 'Crossroads of the World,' the RKMC was the motorcyclists' layover at the crossroads. We no longer have a facility where guests can stay for a few days or even overnight.

We are not a Gringo Club, and never have been. One third of our 40 members were born in the U.S. or Puerto Rico and two thirds of our members were born in Panama, Cuba, and Columbia. This has always been the case. Dr. Jose A. Vasquez of Los Santos has been a member since the Club was formed in 1973, and still has his 'Charter Membership Card.' We have honored four Members by electing them to 'Honorary Life Member' status. Three of them are Panamanians. A past President of Panama was a member of our Club. The Commanding General of U.S. Army South, Major General Philip R. Kensinger is a Road Knight. There are no restrictions on the brands or engine sizes to become a Road Knight. There are no nationality restrictions on membership. We have members who do not and have never owned a motorcycle. The RKMC extends Honorary (free) Memberships to all the elected Presidents of Motorcycle Clubs in Panama and Costa Rica.

We love the Road Knights Motorcycle Club and are passionate about it. We think it is the best MC in Panama!


Carlos Ruiz - 'El Hombre'
Rides In Peace

Rick Langstraat - 'Ready Steady'
Harley Shovelhead

DeVere Murphy - Treasurer
'Midnight Rambler'
Honda Shadow

Bill Collier - President 'Emeritus'
3 Harleys

Adolfo Sanchez - Fiscal
Honda GoldWing

Victor Ramirez - President
'Long Drink'
~>FAX 260-6848<~
Suzuki Intruder

Tom Adams - Vocal
'The Conscience'

Pedro Ameglio - Hon. Life Member
'The Magnificant'
Hond GoldWing & Valkrie

Hernan Burgos - 'Pup'
Honda In-Line 4

Marta Cano - 'La Abogada'
Yamaha Virago

Emilo Grimaldo - 'Hey Man'
Honda GoldWing

Pablo Jimenez - ‘Glimmerman"

Bill Kober -
Harley TC88 Dyna

Bill McCune - 'Bright Stripes'
1978 BMW Boxer

Hugh McPherson - 'Hugo'
Suzuki Intruder

Erick Mierisch - ‘Speedy’
Suzuki 1100 Crotch Rocket

Alan Murphy - Ass. Member

Melissa Murphy - ‘Missy"
Honda Rebel

Miguel Pastor - Hon. Life Member
‘Golden Hawk’
Honda GoldWing

Christobal Perez - ‘Investigator’
Honda GoldWing

Karen Perez - ‘Babe’

Manny Perez - ‘Ghost’

Mark Pulliam - ‘El Flaco’
Yamaha Virago

Rachel Scire - Member
‘Role Model’
Yamaha Dual purpose

Francis Terrin - Member
Harley Shovelhead

Miguel Valderama
'Hog Rider'
Harley TC88 Road King

Tony Vasquez - Hon. Life Member
‘Dr. Tony’
Honda GoldWing

Forrest Waller Jr. - Hon. Life Member
'Wally', Royal Star

Myrna Waller

Memories of Carlos Ruiz

Perspective - Goodbye Carlos

I was thinking about replies to various posts to the
Internet and got this email. Those replies just don't
seem as important right now.

****************On Friday October 6, Carlos Ruiz passed
over. The funeral will be Monday October 9, at Mayela
Church, on Nuevo Reparto Chanis.

The RKMC will be present, giving that last salute and
honor a great fellow biker.

We know a few of you will be spiritually present.

I rode with Carlos for five years. I guess I have ridden
more with him than anyone else. I sit here with tears
leaking from my eyes remembering.

On our first long run my '94 1200 couldn't keep up with
his '86 750 Virago in the sweepers but could motor up
to him on the straights. I noticed that he had a fork
brace on his as an OEM part.

The night we got caught behind 2 miles of slow traffic
going to the Interior through hilly country. We found
out it was that long by passing them during a series
of curves and most all

of it with double yellow lines. We counted on being
able to squeeze in front of slow truck in case of
on-coming traffic. It worked.

The night I had my son on the back of my bike when we hit
a 100 yard section of road that only had loose gravel
in it as we were running 70 down a straight stretch with
me in the lead. I didn't make any sudden moves. He
didn't either. We rode it out.

About how we stood together against a President who
tried to split the Club between Panamanians and Gringos.
During that struggle Carlos came to realize that he was
something more than a motorcyclist. He found out that he
was a biker. He claimed and wore that title proudly.

About how when I refused to stand for President for a
third consecutive term (I knew I was leaving Panama
before the end of 1999) and Carlos agreed to if I would
be his Secretary.

Shortly after Carlos was diagnosed with thoracic cancer.
He was 50.

He had put over 140,000 miles on that bike. He loved to

I miss him.

Ride free Brother!

Bill Collier

President Emeritus, Road Knights Motorcycle Club Panama"
My condolences go out to the family of Carlos Ruiz. I am
sure that he will be greatly missed by all that knew him.
As a Road Knight MC member I attended many club meet-
ings, club trips and get togethers with him. He was one
of my favorite Road Knights. In 1996 he stood by me for
4 hours as he helped me get a tow for my disabled bike.
I have never forgotten that.

It is so sad that good people like him have to leave this
life so early. However it is to his credit that he did
enjoy life to the fullest.

Wherever you are Carlos, Ride On!

Joe Austin


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