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Land of Enchantment Mentor Connection

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Land of Enchantment Links

Earth Star: Hm of The Star Beacon, monthly paranormal Newsletter on UFOs & metaphysics.
Color UFO photos, book gallery & reading rooms, galaxy wide Friendship Club, subject index on back issues, conferences, classified ads.
Personal Web Site of Drunvalo Melchizedeck
Water: The Source of Life PLUS: MORE! Mother Earth, New Consciousness & Sacred Water-- Flower of Life Workshops / Seminars...MORE!!!

Selected Environmental - Planetary Links to Explore

Earth Changes Weekly
Healing Our World
World Transformations
Art Bell Show: The Unusual and Unexplained - Great Talk Show!
Gordon-Michael Scallion: Prophecies and Predictions for The New Millennium!
Alternative News
Environmental News Network
Earth Alert
Altered States of Consciousness
Thinking Allowed

Health - Natural Alternatives to Pharmaceutical Medications: Herbs, Super Ionized Water and More!

Drunvalo Melchezidek's Web Site: home page is on
Information on the Super Ionized Water from Turkey!
Information on Dr Doug Norrison's Web Site on Living Water - under: The Science of Bodily Regeneration
"Basic Nutrient Program" - A Must See Site!

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