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Come forth into the light of things;
Let nature be your Teacher.
~ William Wordsworth ~

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~ Time Richly Spent ~

Apart from all the rush and noise
is a cabin in the pines
with an ivy awning
and morning-glory vines
deep in the heart of nature
where birds sing all the day
is this tender peaceful place
where the wood elves play
when I'm blessed to be there
happiness is mine
life takes on a rosy glow
everything seems fine
worries disappear there
grief's a stranger too
faith and hope are part of each
pathway I pursue
would that I could stay there
all the time, I mean
life would hold a beauty
wondrous and serene
but until this happens
I must be content
to enjoy each sojourn
as time richly spent.

~ Ben Burroughs ~

*Stepping Stones*
By Bruce DeBoer

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