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A Prayer For Pard's

My mother shared the secret,
of the stars up in the sky,
She told me of the story,
of how the stars can fly.
The stars are in the heavens,
way up above our heads,
The object is to get them down
and on our heads instead.
A star will fly from heaven,
to land upon your head,
To fill your crown with graces,
that is what my mother said.
Each time you do a good deed,
especially when unknown,
A little star comes down to you
wherever you may roam.
So when we raise a little smile
upon another's face.
The Lord will make us each and all
a very special place.
And as we grow and gather stars,
to replace the crown of thorns,
Our Lord will fill our souls with love
and we will be reborn.
Yes, we all must do our part,
no matter our lives work,
Never let the devil in
wherever he may lurk,
Even just a smile,
can lighten someone's load,
So fill your crown,
with little stars and you will make it home.

* By Linda LaRae Adsitt *
Copyright 1998

* Velvet and Diamonds (the star-filled sky) *

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