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Every flower in time shall blossom
Each star in time shall shine
You too, my friend, will know success,
In a true and perfect time

Dreamers and great achievers,
Have a long hard road to walk
Few of them ever keep their faith
And when tested, choose to balk

But the secret is to keep on going,
Especially when things get tough,
for when God sees your efforts
He will give you all his love

So keep on working away,
Work harder than ever before
Have faith in your own ability
For you'll succeed then I'm sure.

So why give up what you dream of,
Because uncertainty comes your way
Remember instead life's great inventors,
Whose first failed experiments we
Can't live without today.

The secret is to keep on going
And hold fast to your faith
The seeds have now been planted
So your turn to shine will soon take place.

(C) Charles Anthony McFaulds
Thank You Charles

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