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Peace in the Balkans

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Pearl. You crumble
and break into dust.
Leave your hidden oyster,
find shelter where you can
in places that struggle
to wrap you in tar.
Where can your shine
be discovered? Where
can your glow reveal
itself without fear
of rubble and ash?
Sit in your alleys
and bomb shelters,
your smoking hospitals
that continue to stand
among blasts. Flee
with refugees who
wander through fires.
Pearl. You are infinite.
Your dust settles
in days filled with blades,
in wounds without bandages.
Still we see your glow
and hunt you the way
we search for berries.

by Paul Belz


Copyright, Paul Belz, 1999.

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This page was created by Aikya Param for all people interested in a just peace in the Balkans and everywhere.  Other pages by Aikya Param include Promise, Promise Awards, Hindu Web Graphics and Advaita Vedanta for Today.  Aikya co-manages the HinduWebring with Nitin Namjoshi.  Thank you to Argotique for some of the graphics on these pages..  Last updated on 05/29/99. Hit Counter