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Blood on the Danube

There's blood on the Danube and a smell in the air.
They're killing our mothers and children out there.
The world is at war, do they really give a damn?
For death stalks us all , every woman and man.

They're lying for truth, although I don't know why.
There's flames in the air and missiles in the sky.
The Bulkans are seething with power and hate.
Somebody help us before its too late.

Her 12 year old daughter, a dancer at heart.
She got it in the streets, straight through the heart.
Please stop this madness, you're a civilised disgrace
For you've lost all your reason. You'll level this place

A man with gun is standing there.
He'll kill you as look at you, and not even care.
For many have reason, but sanity has none.
For its sad and sorry this state we're in.

Lets finish this war or let the big one begin.

By Stuart Chugg
(Received 4-25-99)

Copyright, 1999, Stuart Chugg

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(UK historian Geoff Storey has contributed these photos from his
personal library. Until 4-25-99, we didn't quite have the right place
for the pictures. Geoff is in Cyprus at present.  When he returns,
we will get the proper credit for this reference.)

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