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A Cry for Peacesinger3.wmf (4334 bytes)

I call for our leaders to show some compassion,
See through their shield, their lies of fashion;
Wanton destruction though the greed of misersbizwomn2.wmf (3572 bytes)

Poets, lovers, artists and singers,
It is not with a gun or a stick, we will fight.
For many years the tears of the Poets
Have cried to masses, too many in vain.

Let the dove fly free, a symbol of caring.
It is time for a nation, no the world to heed:
War is extinct, never again should rise

It is time for us all to silently join,
Refuse all aggression, stamp on oppression,
Free all political prisoners of conscience.

Give Mothers back their children.
Give nature back her due.
Give our children today.
Their tomorrow inheritance.

To all the world the dove must fly,
And every sane person, give peace a try.

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By Stuart Chubb
(Received 4-26-99)


Copyright, Stuart Chubb, 1999


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