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European American

Who are these people?
Both those who expel and those
Streaming by tens of thousands
Thousands to Albania
Thousands to Macedonia,
Thousands to Montenegro:
On foot, by truck, by bus,
Their empty villages, far.

Close families
Whose grown men are lost to death
Children lost in the confusion
Close families for which we yearn

Joyfully, they tell of lives just left
Joy in planting, pride in produce
Happy at work
Their lives just left our daydreams.

Who are these people?
Disciplined, diligent,
Intelligent, demure,
Eloquent, respectful,
Enduring, vengeful.

And the others? Daring,
Intolerant, ruthless, of one mind,
Persecuted, undervalued, overlooked
In their own view of themselves:
Fighters who won't quit
Like us.

They are our race memories
Alive. Living atop rich oil reserves
Atop mineral wealth they cannot access
But we can.

They are our race memories Alive.

We moved away from there,
Our endless ancestral fighting.
Now we're Americans with money,
USA consumers, the wisdom treasure within That shining, unknown.

Trying to buy
Close families
Happy work
Intolerance that wins
Permanent peace
And other things
Not for sale.

Shoppers at the mall
Looking for a war bargain
Where none of us die
Peace at a discount
And other things
Not for sale

Why can't we find
Close families
Happy at work
Close to the land
Peace at a discount
At the Mall?

We are
Disciplined, intelligent,
Diligent, demure,
Enduring, vengeful,
Courteous, well behaved
Daring, intolerant, ruthless,

We are the Best Corporate workers Customers of corporations, Citizens of World Government Invisible, Corporate Network International,

And we know How you should live!

If you are different from us,
You have no value on earth
Unless you are guarding gold, Fafner-like.

We will send bombs
Our friends will send bombs
If you guard gold
Or oil or minerals
If you're different form us
If you're less than us
Even to you
Our race memories Alive
Our longed for selves
Closer than breath.


by Aikya Param
(Received 4-21-99)

Copyright, Aikya Param, All rights reserved

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