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glare off the apartments
like some sick

car; and we need
what we need to
remove the poor
victims caught there

between the
brick and the
steel like a
fish out of

water, still full
of breath, but soon
no more breathing
no more, no more.

said she would
hang all my
best paintings

but I want to
get in a car
and drive across
the blue ocean

to quiet
springs. and there
no fish, none.

no bombs landing
in my lap
don't mean I
don't have to catch.

'round here, fish
are caught by car
and broiled by

we burn our tongues
we lose our way
we can't suffer
we sleep awake.

Nancy is
gonna walk
down to the

they're there 'cause
they are there
and she is
too. god bless.

she swallows hard
and imagines
if the moon was
falling at her...

she opens her
mouth and nothing
comes out. it's a

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by R. Richard Wojewodzki
(received 4-20-99)

Copyright, R. Richard. Wojewodzki. All rights reserved.



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