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Media Conception-the News


Born in the valley of stories and liesbizman9.wmf (4622 bytes)
Images concocted to deceive the wise
Mental suppression in Linear dimension
It's a front page story, winner gets glory
The real story, the suffering , the pain
Just boring details left out in the rain
If we can feed it , lets make em read it
For reporters , distorters of truth
The Boss has spoken, his opinions are noted
The truth is suppressed and contrived
Its a matter of how you sell your papers
Not feeding the mind of readers
If it is popular, then we will report it
If it is not, we don't want to know
News is distortion and Government coercion
It borders on fakery , Image takery
News is corporatation, people medication
It almost as though it is no longer important
As the Advertisments made to support it
For the media is lying and the truth it is dying
For we no longer listen, question or believe it
In a world of press  communication
Education of Nations -
The truth is not part of equation

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by Stuart Chugg
(Received May 26, 1999)


Copyright Stuart Chugg, 1999.  All rights reserved.


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