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For peace we stand
With the mothers of soldiers
And wives and children
Sisters and brothers.

For peace we stand
With those attackedstatuestand.jpg (2558 bytes)
And those attacking
So violence will end.

For peace we stand
With sides that are both right
So they work it out
Without death in the discussion.

For peace we stand
At Columbine High Schoolsuitstand.jpg (2221 bytes)
With hurt, angry youth,
And those who bullied them.
We stand for respect,
Perhaps love,
In spite of differences.

For peace we stand.
Our feet are hurting some
But still we stand.

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by Aikya Param
(Received 5-1-99)

Copyright, Aikya Param, April 23, 1999, All rights reserved.


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This page was created by Aikya Param for all people interested in a just peace in the Balkans and everywhere.  Other pages by Aikya Param include Promise, Promise Awards, Hindu Web Graphics and Advaita Vedanta for Today.  Aikya co-manages the HinduWebring with Nitin Namjoshi.  Thank you to Argotique for some of the graphics on these pages..  Last updated on 05/02/99. Hit Counter