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gtarply.wmf (7722 bytes)Is it the farmer, who wants more land,
or is it the student, with ideas so grand.
Perhaps the politician with words so hollow,
or maybe the soldier whose orders you follow.

Was it for the love of a stately dame,
or did the aristocracy think it a game.
Is it the bully pressing his case,
or just the government saving face?

Is it the peasants fighting for hope,
or perhaps religion expanding their scope?
Mayhap the neighbour who isn't the same,
or are ethnic divisions causing the pain?
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Is it the writer with stories to tell,
or maybe the arms dealer with guns to sell.
Could it have been the religious fanatic,
or perhaps inaction, by the bureaucratic.

Does it happen because we don't care,
or are we blinded by words so fair.
The need to fight, is it a primal urge?
And has it become our worst scourge?

Whatever the cause, we are all to blame,
the enemy included, must share our shame.
For the victors are losers, you cannot win,
as the wages of war are wrapped in SIN!
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by Brad Chipper
(Received 4-25-99)


Copyright, 1999, Brad Chipper


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