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Fort George Red Cross


Members of the Fort George Red Cross, December 10, 1918

The following yearly membership of the Fort George Red Cross Society was recently forwarded to Vancouver:


Mrs. L. A. Albee
Mrs. William Breeze
Mrs. Jas. Brown
Mrs. F. P. Burden
Mrs. F. J. Claxton
Mr. E. T. Flower
Rev. W. Graham
Mrs. W. Graham
Mrs. H. Hill

Mrs. A. Hunter
Mrs. Frank Kenyon
D. Killoran
Mrs. G. G. MacKenzie
Murray MacKenzie
Miss Janet McIntyre
Mrs. John Munro
Mrs. G. E. Oliver

Mrs. W. J. Peters

Mrs. H. E. A. Robertson
Mrs. F. C. Tuckett
Mrs. J. A. Shearer
Mr. J. A. Shearer
Mrs. F. J. Shearer
Miss Elsa Weigand
Mr. G. R. Yates



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