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Early Prince George Weddings

January 7, 1911 - Fort George Tribune

Last Monday evening, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. M. Perkins, Central Avenue, was celebrated an event of more than usual importance, the occasion being the marriage of Mr. Wm. Kennedy and Miss Helen Boyes, both of this district. Mr. Kennedy is local manager of the Wm. Blair Stores here, and is well and popularly known through the whole Cariboo district. Miss Boyes has been a resident of Fort George since last June. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. C. M. Wright, pastor of the Fort George Presbyterian Church, and was witnessed by only a few friends of the contracting parties.


Unusual interest attached to the occurrence in that it is the first marriage ceremony solemnized in the Fort George district, not including native contracts. The happy couple are the recipients of the heartiest good wishes of the whole district, in which the Tribune joins.


Only eight months ago Mrs. Fetrow, wife of Mr. T. Fetrow the Nechaco rancher, was the only white woman in Fort George. Today there are at least fifty of the gentle sex, who by their helpfulness and cheerful society have made life here as comfortable as in the older and more thickly settled regions. Though mere man outnumbers the superior sex at least four or five to one, the unattached male majority are living in hope of a vast influx of embryo companions and helpmeets the coming spring.

January 28, 1911 - Fort George Herald


L. G. MacHaftie was married to Miss Myrtle Eftie McLean at Hedley, B.C., on the 3rd instant, and the bridal couple are now in California on their honeymoon. Rev. H. Cameron  performed the ceremony and the wedding was a quiet one, attended only by the immediate relatives and friends of the contracting parties. H. A. Hincks, manager of the bank of B. N. A. (British North America) at Hedley, was the best man. Mr. and Mrs. MacHaftie will arrive here Feb. 13, where L. G. resumes the management of the first bank established in the district at South Fort George. 

December 30, 1911 - Fort George Herald


The first wedding to be held in South Fort George was solemnized on Friday last, when Mr. P.G.B. Bodeker and Miss Lutie E. Brady were joined in the bonds of wedlock. Both a re well known and popular young people, who have been residents of this town from its earliest stages, and the event was celebrated by the town en masse, as such an important official function should be celebrated in a live western community.

The wedding was a very quiet affair conducted in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John McInnis, the Rev. R.H.I. Williams officiating, but when the news leaked out a great gathering of South Fort Georgeans marched upon the Bank of B.N.A., where the happy couple were being entertained, and carried out the fine western custom of a chivaree with noise, good wishes, and great éclat.

January 18, 1913 - Fort George Herald


Announcement came in over the wire on Thursday of the marriage in Vancouver of John Occolston Williamson, of South Fort George, to Miss Violet Oliver, of London, Eng. The news does not come altogether as a surprise to Mr. Williamson's many friends here, as the engagement of the young couple has been announced for several months. Mr. Neville Montgomery supported the groom. Mr. and Mrs. Williamson are leaving the coast immediately for South Fort George. We hasten to extend to our old friend "Billy" Williamson and his bride our most sincere wishes of every happiness in life. May the good things within the gift of man and providence be freely bestowed upon them for ever and ever, and then some.

January 18, 1913 - Fort George Herald


On Tuesday last at Cnetral Fort George, Mr. George Wase, the popular G. T. P. (Grand Trunk Pacific) engineer, of this town, was joined in the (missing words) of matrimony to Miss Alice Carlysle, of Vancouver, B.C. The bride and groom were given a most enthusiastic reception by their many friends on their return to our city. They will reside in town.

January 18, 1913 - Fort George Herald


Another wedding of local interest was solemnized this week in South Fort George, the contracting parties being Captain O. F. Browne, and New Westminster, and Miss Minnie Seymour, of South Fort George. Captain Browne is one of the few pioneer navigators of the upper Fraser River and he carries a most enviable reputation as such. 

June 1914


The marriage of Alec Hunter, pioneer of Fort George, and Miss Mabelle McGilvra, daughter of Mrs. L. E. McGilvra of Lakewood, Iowa, took place.

September 7, 1914


Samuel Grierson and Onie Sanders both of South Fort George were united in marriage on Thursday afternoon by the Rev. A.C. Justice in the Presbyterian Church here. Mr. Grierson was supported by Mr. Avison and Miss Sanders by Miss Gussie Sanders. The bride was dressed in white silk trimmed with shadow lace. The happy young couple will reside in the house of Mrs. Murray on 7th Street, South Fort George.

January 16, 1915


At the Manse, Fort George, on Wednesday, the marriage of Alice Maude Smith, daughter of James Smith, Leicester, England, and Neil Gordon McMillan, son of A. McMillan, Inverary, Argyleshire, took place. Rev. P. T. Pilkey, MA, of the First Presbyterian Church, officiating. Miss Jeanette McIntyre was bridesmaid, and Mrs. H. G. Perry supported the groom. Mr. and Mrs. McMillan have taken up their residence in the Stretch House, Second Avenue, Fort George.

January 30, 1915


Mr. Daniel McPhie of Vancouver and Mrs. Elizabeth Isabel Walker, daughter of Mr. Stone, late postmaster of Barkerville, were united in marriage last week. The bride and bridegroom, who are very well known in the interior, were supported by two old Cariboo friends, Mr. and Mrs. George M. Wilson. After a brief honeymoon Mr. and Mrs. McPhie will reside in Vancouver.

October 25, 1916


At Methodist Church Mr. A. E. Robin, G.T.P. Agent, McBride and Miss Clara A. Nelson of McBride.

February 24, 1917


Mabel McLarty, third daughter of David McLarty to Ernest A. Peterson.

February 27, 1917


P.G. Sutherland of Giscome, to Miss Jennie Trotter of Arrowhead, BC.

March 25, 1917


Joseph B. Key to Miss Gudbjorg Bjornson.

December 10, 1918


Vanderhoof, Dec. 7 ... Yesterday afternoon the wedding of Mrs. Bessie Dickson and William J. Fergus Park was solemnized. The happy couple have left for their home at Nulki Lake.

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