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  This web site allows your children to become government snitches and snitch on the activities of their friends, parents, and other loved ones.

The site is a non-profit 501-C1 Arizona corporation so all the information about the people who created this wonderful site which will allow Arizona to become a lot like Nazi Germany is on the web site of the Arizona Corporation Commission at:

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Go there then click on the item under

Annual Reports

That says

Forms - search by corporate name for reports to be filed

So you dont have to do the search here are the details about this wonderful company Alert Recall which is trying to make Arizona look a lot like Nazi Germany. Their File Number with the Arizona Corporation is 1191583-8.

Their business address is:

Alert Recall 4030 W BEVERLY LN PHOENIX, AZ 85053 (602)980-5887

The wonderful people that incorporated the company and run it are:

Bruce Frankie 4030 W BEVERLY LN PHOENIX, AZ 85053 (602) 439-4588 (602) 439-5887

Diane Frankie 4030 W BEVERLY LN PHOENIX, AZ 85053 (602) 439-4588 (602) 439-5887

Cecil Jackson 16726 N 50 Way Scottsdale, Az 85254

Roger Fuss 8203 W Oraibi Drive #1115 Peoria, Az 85282

The Statutory Agent is:

Michael F Patterson TITUS BRUECKNER AND BERRY PC 7373 N Scottsdale Road, B-252 Scottsdale, Az 85254

Here is a newspaper article about this great company that is trying to turn Arizona into a world class place like Nazi Germany, Red China, or the Soviet Union:

Web site tracking school crime reports By Hayley Ringle, Tribune October 18, 2005

Students and parents can now anonymously report a school crime or a problem by text messaging or sending an e-mail.

By visiting a local, nonprofit Web site,, reports can be made on everything from bullying and drugs, to sexual abuse and vandalism.

"Kids want to be safe on campus," said Cecil Jackson, the site co-founder and a school resource officer at Washington High School in Glendale.

"They want to do the right thing. But they dont want to be labeled as a snitch or a rat and want to be safe in reporting any problems they may have," he said.

The Web site went online March 27, and last month received 70,000 e-mails and text messages from across the country. Certain key words alert volunteers to severe issues for quick responses.

Gwen Rusk is a parentvolunteer at Jane Dee Hull Elementary School in the Chandler Unified School District. She said although her fourth-grade daughter, Devon, has never had any problems at her school, and she has no problems talking to the school principal, she would feel comfortable using the Web site if needed.

However, she said if the reports are made anonymously she would like to see the complaints validated.

When filling out the form online the person reporting the problem is asked whether they are "very sure" the crime has been committed, or whether its "just a rumor."

Jackson said this weeds out people trying to report a false crime.

To report a problem

Text message or call (602) 980-5887. Include school name, state, severity of action with one being most severe and five being least severe, the problem or crime, and how sure you are that the crime occurred or will occur.

Go to

Contact Hayley Ringle by email, or phone (480)-898-6301