South Carolina Classic

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325 Mile race.
6 Competing Lofts.
7 ways to win.
Prizes based on 246 Birds entered.
Benzing Live clocking at all lofts

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Win at the loft level
Prizes 1st 3 birds to each loft

1000 pts
667 pts
333 pts

Win at the overall level
Prizes top 20 places overall

7000 pts
3600 pts
3rd - 5th
1600 pts
6th - 15th
950 pts

6 Bird team $1000.00 Accepting only 6 bird teams no single entries.

1 bird goes to each loft. Breeder can designate which birds to which loft but 1 bird will go to each loft. If birds not designated, they will be distributed by Bird Manager.

Race will stop 36 hours after release time. Any paying position not filled within 36 hours will be divided equally with all clocked birds.

If a loft has not clocked the minimum 3 birds by end of race those prizes will be added to the back end of the capital prize as additional places. I.E. loft does not clock 3rd bird. $333 will be paid to 16th position.

10% of entry fees will be donated to club to help with expenses. Prizes split 70% Breeder 30% Handler.

Breeder pays for shipping to loft coordinator not to handlers, including replacements.\

Payment must accompany birds at check in.

Breeder has option to retain birds after final race. must make arrangements for pick-up or pay shipping costs within 14 days after final race or they become property of handler.

Accepting birds March 1st through May 31st. Replacement birds accepted until May 31st.

Ship all birds including replacements to Bird Manager
Frank McDonough
269 Shaman Road
Roebuck, SC 29376
Make checks payable to SCO Club