The Pink Boy Buffet



Prepared for your dining pleasure, you’ll find generous portions of the most ambitious MSTing story arc you’re likely to find. I speak, of course, of :


(originally released in theaters as "Double Impact!" starring Joe Don Baker and Tanya Harding, served with fries, cole slaw, and your choice of soup or salad).

The story arc is presented in five courses, each lovingly brought directly from our kitchens to your dining table, on a sizzling platter to sear in the hickory-smoked comedy goodness:

Episode EM101: "Windmills of the Gods"

          Finally, the MST gang gives blockbuster bestsellers the respect they deserve. Meanwhile, Pearl awakens an ancient evil on a mysterious planet, and EVIL MIKE is summoned to make mischief in this realm.

Episode EM102: "Bloodlines: The Calling"/"An Open Window Observing the Battleground"

          Evil Mike imprisons Pearl in his dungeon, the "House of Pain". Mike and the bots, with the fate of the universe at stake, escape the SOL with the help of Torgo the White. To cover their tracks, Torgo diverts two dung-infused postings to our very special guest riffers: Beavis and Butthead, and the MacLaughlin Group.

Episode EM103: "Name of the Game", with the short "Teamwork"

          Evil Mike shoots Pearl up to the SOL, where she riffs on a horrid female growth fantasy and a lewd Law and Order fanfic with the original riot grrls, Gypsy and Magic Voice. Pearl summons the forces of darkness to help her, but ends up with Scratch, the sky-blue dragon demon.

Episode EM104: "Something in the String of G", with the short, "The Sentence"

          Evil Mike captures Nice Mike, and erases him from the universe. Then he sends Pearl’s Grrls another female growth fantasy, and an A-Team fanfic so revolting it has its own gravitation pull, out of which no quality can escape. But it all works out in the end- sort of.

Episode EM105: "The adventures of goblins, talk show hosts, bugaloos, witchie poos, and
   golden flutes named Freddie in the Labrynth", with the short, "I want You Back"

          FEATURING!  our EXTRA SPECIAL GUEST STAR,  Mike Neylon!

          Nice Mike and the bots, abandoned in Evil Mike's dungeon, try to escape.  But in the process, they accidentally send Pearl and Company one last fanfic- a crossover of the movie "Labyrinth" and Sid and Marty Krofft shows.  Pushed to the breaking point, Pearl has Scratch summon the powers of hell to send Mike a short, a weird soap opera featuring Britney Spears as a tawny, clueless Joan Collins.  It looks like Mike is once again at Pearl's mercy- but Gypsy saves the day.  The story arc is COMPLETE.  Please!  DON'T reveal the secret ending of- whatever the hell this was, I don't know.

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