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WELCOME TO "Central Texas" (pony-play)

    Sorry for not having much on here right now...

      (This page is still under construction)
    Will be added to it as time will permit me to...

    I hope you will enjoy watching this page grow.

           (More pictures on:)

Austin, TX
United States

My Favorite Links

T.H.E. - The Human Equine
triggerTHE: an exploration in the wonderful world of The Human Equine (ponyboy/ponygirl) and the Owners/Trainers/Riders/Groomers! Plus personal pony interests of "trigger" (THEhorse) !
Equus Eroticus Magazine
The Pony Magazine for Pony girls/boys and their Masters and Mistresses. Also sells pony girl Trading Cards, and soon will be selling pony videos.
The Water-Hole Custom Leather, Inc.
For your Pony Gear and for your Bondage Gear.
Mid-Age Leather and Lifestyle Saddlery
For your Pony Gear and for your Bondage Gear
The Group With No Name (GWNN)
GWNN Austin, TX Pansexual BDSM Group
Austin subCulture (AsC)
AsC functions as an outreach organization dedicated to the personal growth, education, and support of its members. AsC's goal is to educate its' members and the community.
Forbidden Fruit Austin, TX
Fetish Boutique, Toy Store, and BodyArt.
Mistress Lalique
a Lifestyle professional Dominatrix- Cape Cod, Boston & New York City. -- World Class Domme - Horse and Dog Trainer--.
Roses and Thorns
A channel dedicated to the discussion of serious Dom/sub relationships. On mIRC on Dalnet. #roses&thorns
a Few More Pony Pictures
More pony-pictures
In My Spare Time
Some of my pet sides

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