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Uppidy doo!
About Us

Come on in! There's lots to eat!

craig and lizzy all dressed up

This is us at Mari's wedding, before we ever got married! We don't really have a lot of pictures of us together (we're always the ones with the camera) and this is one of the best!

grumpy tulio giving me the evil eye

Tulio doesn't always look this grumpy, but we get on his nerves a lot. I was about 5 inches from his face when I took this picture, and he obviously didn't appreciate it!

All about us!

Want a little history lesson? I know you don't, but I'm going to give it to you anyway.

Craig and I met in 1998, almost exactly one month after I signed the next four years of my life away to the military. I was in delayed enlistment though, so that gave Craig and I time to fall in love, and that gave us a reason to be sad and depressed for a year and a half. YAY!

Then, the magical day came when we could finally be together again - May 6th, 2000. This was the day Craig graduated (with honors, mind you) from Michigan State University! He came down to Ohio to live with me, and about 3 months later we got married! We move really fast, as you can see.

So, after August 3rd (our "wedding" date, but someday we'll have a real one) we had a pretty boring life for awhile. Then, a wonderfully crazy animal entered into our lives, and since September of 2000, Tulio (or Gus, Jack, Meowzers, or whatever comes to mind) has been our little child. We call ourselves Dad and Mom, our parents are Grandma and Grandpa, and he gets his own Christmas presents!

That's where we are now! We still live in Ohio, but hopefully someday we'll get out of this place! Stay tuned for updates!


February 10, 2002: Craig turned 24 today! For the next 5 months, he will be 3 years older than Liz! Rockin' the cradle! What an old man!

March 2002: Craig got promoted to Assistant Manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in only 7 months! Go Craig!

March 11, 2002: Gotta mention it - today was the 6 month mark since September 11th, one of the darkest days in American history.

March 26, 2002: Craig and Lizzy got new furniture for the first time We lived for 3 weeks with a completely empty living room (if you count the scratching post as furniture, I guess there was one piece in there) and finally our stuff came! Although it wasn't complete at first, we're expecting the rest soon (they forgot our coffee table!)

May 17, 2002: Carole had BETTER graduate from Basic Military Training from the Air Force, and Mom and Liz are going to see her graduate! Yay!

May 2002: Liz and Craig buy their first new car! It's a Hyundai Elantra GT, and it's LOADED! Woohoo! Pictures to come later...

May 31-June 2, 2002: Liz is walking 60 miles for the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day, a huge task to take on by one person! Fortunately, there are 3,000 others out there that will walk it with her. It's in Michigan, from Ann Arbor to Detroit. If you're interested in donating (before May 3rd) please visit "" and donate under Liz's name. My birthdate is July 4th, 1980, if they ask for it to identify me!
September 2, 2002
Liz went to pick up their computer for the second time today, after Gateway supposedly "fixed" it, but it was still broken when she brought it home.  There probably won't be many more updates after today, because after she gets out of the Air Force and she can't get to the base computers, there isn't one at home that's reliable... UGH.  Has anyone else had a TON of trouble with Gateway?  Let me know.  Oh, by the way.  The pictures I promised of our new car probably won't be up here for a while...
September 7, 2002
Today is Liz's last day of work!  YAY!  She never has to step into that hellhole again!  CELEBRATE!
September 27, 2002
Today is my last day EVER in the Air Force!  Yay!  CELEBRATE!

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