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Uppidy doo!
Around the House

What the heck does off-the-cuff mean anyway?

Ever since we got him, I've been crazy about taking pictures of Tulio. Most of the pictures on this page are of him, or other random pictures that don't have a specific page to go on!

tulio is an attack cat

This is Tulio attacking one of my last stuffed animals that I own. It's beanie bear (for those of you who know the inside joke, his name is Gimp) and Tulio really liked the feeling of chewing on the beans. Now my bear only has one eye!

tulio before he became ugly

This is Tulio before he became a full-grown cat. We don't have a lot of pictures of him when he was such a little kitty, and this is one of my favorites!

tulio likes to lick carpeting

Tulio used to like to lick our bathroom carpet. I would wash it over and over trying to make him forget that he liked to lick it, and he kept coming back for more! What a weirdo!

jungle kitty gets ready to pounce

Jungle kitty to the rescue! Tulio loves to attack our plants, and sometimes kill them. But here, he was just using the plants to plan an attack on us!

tulio squirming to get up

Craig likes to bug Tulio, so here he is hugging Tulio in a obviously uncomfortable position, holding him down so I can take a picture! He loves us, and we know it.

he's not choking, really!

Here's another torture picture. Tulio loves it! Craig picks him up at the armpits all the time, and Tulio stretches his whole body out! It's actually very therapeutic for him (or so we say) and he asks for it!

Daisy, Rotating