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Uppidy doo!
Party Time


Texas Trip!

mom and dad

I love this picture! This is mom and dad at Mari's wedding, and this was the only good picture I could get of them dancing with that crazy photographer running around! She kept on getting in the way! Oh well, this one was worth it.

all the girls

This was at the last party at mom and dad's old house (shniff, shniff) with all the girls!

craig and grandpa on the new couch

Don't these guys look alike! This is Craig and his grandpa at our Thanksgiving dinner in Kentucky. As usual, they were watching the UK game!

les in his new chair

This is Craig's uncle Les at Thanksgiving in Kentucky. They just redid the living room in their house, and he's showing it off!

frank and liz

This is Frankie and I at Mari's wedding. Frank must have been quite a dancer in his day! He swept me away in this dance!

all the girls (and dad)

We decided to let dad into the pictures too. This was the same party at mom and dad's old house on Brentwood (shniff).

the kentucky crew

This is the Kentucky crew! These are all of the people on Craig's mom's side of the family (I'm sure this isn't all of them, but a few!) that were at Thanksgiving dinner in Kentucky (2001).

gramps in his famous pose

Craig's grandpa is always posing for the camera, but only in this one pose! This was at Thanksgiving in Kentucky, 2001. Go Grandpa!

dad and mom and turkey

This is mom and dad and the 42 POUND TURKEY!!! Can you believe it! It makes dad look small! This was for Thanksgiving at Aunt Sandy's house in 2001.

franky and grandpa

This was at a Thanksgiving before Grandpa passed away - maybe in 1993 or something. I think it's pretty funny - these guys were the life of the party!

caroles freaky creation

Carole decided to dress Dad up in his woman clothes at Thanksgiving 2001 because he was wearing an apron around! She gave him a large chest, and taught him how to pose!

ashley climbing sandy's tree

Ashley didn't really climb this tree, grandma just put her up there. This is at Sandy's house for Thanksgiving 2001.

before they had babies

This was at Mari's baby shower in 1997 before she had Ryley. It's the last picture of all of us together before everything changed! I guess by the looks on our faces, nothing really has changed! Don't we all look thrilled! Just kidding!

ashley and mom marvel at a turkey

Ashley and mom are amazed at the humungous turkey at Thanksgiving 2001! It was SO big!

Martini Glass, Filling