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Welcome to My

Porcelain Doll Heaven


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Please scroll down to view the porcelain dolls I create...

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doll17.jpg (24738 bytes)

Smidgen - 10 inch porcelain doll......$75.00

doll15.jpg (51710 bytes)

Vanessa - 30 inch porcelain doll......$300.00

doll2.jpg (21097 bytes)

Chyna - 24 inch porcelain doll.....$300.00

doll10.jpg (33464 bytes)

PJ - 22 inch doll ......$200.00

doll20.jpg (30166 bytes)

Tibby - 28 inch doll ....$275.00

doll14.jpg (31743 bytes)

Chanel - 25 inch porcelain doll.....$299.00

doll1.jpg (35808 bytes)

Amy - 24 inch doll ......$275.00

doll16.jpg (33101 bytes)

Haiku - 20 inch doll ......$199.00

doll7.jpg (30388 bytes)

Emily - 19 inch doll ......$189.00

order.gif (6833 bytes)

doll4.jpg (36219 bytes)

Sugar Britches - 19 inch doll ....$199.00

doll8.jpg (26301 bytes)

Mindy - 18 inch porcelain doll......$175.00

     lacebar.jpg (4174 bytes)    



Home Artist Doll Gallery  Doll Gallery Guestbook
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About the Artist...

My love for making porcelain dolls began in 1990

when my husband gave me a porcelain doll at Christmas.

Needless to say, afterenrolling in my first dollmaking course,

I was hooked! 

Within the last 12 years,

I have completed several dollmaking and sculpting seminars.

I couldn't attend enough courses to learn this art quickly enough!

Sessions included Seeley Distributors, Bell Ceramics and Lewis Goldstein..

Each detail in making my dolls is performed

with patience, love and care.  

Being a Christian, I am thankful to God

for giving me the artistic talent and patience to paint the tiny  facial details. 

Dollmaking has been very therapeutic and rewarding to me as

I have always loved creating things.

This hobby has also been beneficial in my coping with chronic pain.

Because I have problems with my arms and hands,

my loving husband helps me

with the handling and pouring of the molds, and assembly of the dolls.

My husband is also instrumental in encouraging me with my hobby,

convincing me to enter my dolls in local competitions....

while he resumes the cooking and vacuuming!  

I have won several awards for my dolls;

this is one hobby where I freely strive to achieve

" perfection" in all the doll's tiny deails.  

Therefore, a special "bond" has been formed with each doll I make.  

However, my dolls would like to share their love with you,

therefore all of my dolls are for sale. 

dollbut.bmp (12534 bytes)

If you require more information on any of my dolls,

please Email me by clicking on one of the many links located on these pages.

Or click on the Order Info page.

Enjoy your visit.

I hope you mark my site as one of your favorite sites...

I had fun creating these pages for you!

Please come back for another visit, soon to see my New Arrivals!

Remember these dolls are heirlooms of tomorrow...

each comes with a dated and signed "Certificate of Authenticity."

Custom orders available.

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